Saturday, 10 May 2014

Poem: In All These, Where Are The Holy Men? Where Are They?

By Rufus Kayode Oteniya (

Where are they?
Where are their voices?
Where is our Samuel to call Saul to order?
Where is our Nathan to speak truth to David?
Where is our Elijah to articulate God’s mind to Ahab and Jezebel?
Where are they?
Deafening is their silence!
Where are they?
Bright is their invisibility!
Where are they?
Our men are slaughtered; they are unperturbed
Our women are butchered; they are unmoved
Our children are held in captivity; they are tranquil
Where are they?
Do they care about the flock?
Do they care about us?
Do they care about our welfare?
Do they care about our wellbeing?
Do they care about our children?
Do they care only about our soul?
Do they really care?
Do they care only about our offerings?
Do they care only about our tithes?
Do they care only about our seeds?
Does God speak to them?
Do they hear from the Throne?
Can they speak for God?
Are they men of God?
Are they gods of men?
Are they just larger than life?
Yes! Larger than life, they are
They scramble to be friends of Government
They scurry to be close to Authority
They pride in dining at the king's table
They gloat in knowing the queen
They are too close for comfort
Too compromising
Too patronizing
Too jeopardizing
They abandon the sheep to their fates
With men they fortify
To us they say 'it is well'
Is it well?
Where are they?
Where is our Martin Luther King Jnr?
Where is our Desmond Tutu?
Where is our Jesse Jackson
Akinola is not young anymore
Okogie has tried his bit
Gbonigi is retired
Onaiyekan and Kukah are weary and discouraged
Bakare is the only voice in the Wilderness
Where are the big ones?
Where are they?

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