Monday, 16 June 2014

News Release: Addressing Mediocrity And Leadership Vacuum In Nigeria

Settling Into an International Leadership Role
Feedback from worldwide media has been positive, as the Nigerian-American Leadership Council (NALC) settles into its international leadership role, and image as the pre-eminent Nigeria-focused organization and think-tank; providing credible Research and Policy Advisory to Governments, Corporations, Foundations, and assorted Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’S) worldwide, from its Washington, DC location.

With recent appearances on US and International television, and other media, the Council has made its voice heard in the world; from the United States, to Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, and all European Union; to China, Japan, and countries in Asia and Africa, where matters arising from Nigeria’s fractured security situation are analyzed for global impact. 

The Council’s impact on US Policy to Nigeria has also been consistent, with media appearances from Washington to all media markets across the entire 50 United States of America.

Impacting Decisions on Nigerian & International Security Matters
The Council has during the ongoing crisis with the kidnap of school girls in “Chibok” Nigeria, being the “first” voice to offer sustainable Policy Advisory to the United States and Europe; including calling for a concerted international collaboration, in resolving the ongoing terrorism in Nigeria.  The Council notes that 100% of its policy advisory to governments worldwide was adopted, and is being executed currently.

A Tried and Tested Leadership
This Council could not have accomplished so much over a short period, given its status as one of Washington’s newest think-tanks, without its exceptional world-class leadership, and Advisory Board.  The Council’s Advisory Board is made up of some of the most accomplished individuals in the US and the world (see below or see website for Executives & Advisors).

A Renewed Engagement with Nigeria
The Council remains an Independent and Non-partisan organization, and continues to draw its credibility from independent research and engagements, with governments in the United States and Nigeria. 

Further, the Council has been apprised of substantial helplessness from the Nigerian citizenry, regarding engagements with their government.  The Council is also beginning to see signs of callousness from some, but not all political players in Nigeria; these are signs of a “clear and present danger”, that all is not well in Nigeria. 

The Council is also not buoyed by current opposition parties in Nigeria, because some opposition parties also include several personalities with questionable backgrounds and low integrity, among its ranks.  The Council would like to see genuine motivation for public service and not a selfish quest for power.  The Council will insist on real competencies, and the will to effect real and lasting change in Nigeria.  

The Council believes that Nigeria is seriously ripe for a new leadership cadre, devoid of the baggage of corruption and mediocrity in public service that trails several political players on all sides in today’s Nigeria.  Further monitoring and evaluation will follow from our researchers on the ground in Nigeria.

For more information on the Council’s recent media appearances, please see the Council’s new website:  The new website is live but is also a work in progress; while on the website, be sure to check out our various “media appearances” and “policy statements”; also, be sure to review our “governance-leadership” page, to connect the names to the faces at the Council.  

Please see the Council website for links for some of the Council’s recent media appearances including the two samples below:
About NALC: the Nigerian-American Leadership Council (NALC) is a Washington-based Policy Advisory, Research Center, and Think-Tank; advising Governments, Foundations, NGO’s, and Corporations on Nigerian matters.  In September 2013, the Council convened the first Boko Haram International Security Summit in Washington, which was soon followed by Boko Haram being proscribed as a terrorist organization by the US government in late 2013.


Sam Walter
Media Relations, 
Nigerian-American Leadership Council
 1701 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 300, NW Washington, DC 20006 Tel: 202 379-2848, Email:

Executive Team & Advisory Board:                                                                                                                      
Samuel Okey Mbonu, Executive Director/CEO                                                                                                   
Crystal Goldie, Program Coordinator, Assist. Executive Director                                                                                
R. Adm. Donald P. Loren, (US Navy ret), former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Snr. Policy Advisor    
Lloyd O. Pierson, former Administrator/Head USAID Africa, 3-time US Presidential appointee, Snr. Policy Advisor 
Dr. Vincent Ahonkhai, Senior Regulatory Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Snr. Policy Advisor                 
Dr. Edward Oparaoji, former Howard University Professor, Africa Democracy Advocate, Snr. Policy Advisor   
Jacob Zenn, Global Terrorism Scholar & Analyst, Policy Advisor, International legal Affairs                                     
Kayode Tani-Olu, Policy Advisor, former Foreign Service Officer, Government Relations

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