Tuesday, 10 June 2014

News Release: Intersociety Thanks, Appreciates & Celebrates Its Key Allies In Online News Industry

Dear Publishers/CEOs of:
chidi opara reports
News Express
Nigerian Masterweb
Nigerian Voice
The Neighborhood
Global Reporters Vienna
Odera Igbo
The Headline News
News 247. Com
The Willnigeria

On behalf of the Board, staff, members and consultants of our organization-International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety), we wish to appreciate and thank you for your enormous assistance to us with respect to publication of our advocacy news on your popular and celebrated sites. Most important of all these is the maximum publicity given by your popular and celebrated news sites to our four-part letter to Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan over our campaign and insistence on ICC invitation to the country. A copy of the last part (part four) is hereby attached.

No matter how rich a publishing material is, it is worthless if it does not see the light of the day on media. Such blackened rich material also enriches the empty mental faculties of lazy intellectuals and armchair researchers and writers who easily and maliciously credit it to themselves and their works without deeming it fit to give due credit to its originators. This is one major advantage your enormous assistance to us does to our numerous publishing materials.

On our own part, we realize the need and importance of not feeding your popular and celebrated sites with contagious, malicious, libelous, scandalous and facts lacking advocacy news items. This explains why we bring all our professional experiences to bear. Good a thing, our BOT Chairman is a Criminologist & Graduate of Security Studies. This gives us further advantage in purifying our advocacy news materials and making them libel, scandal, malice and virus free. Our legal and non legal consultancy is also very active.

We share a view that it is better to find writing pieces of 10 lawyers filled with libelous, scandalous and malicious contents than to find one written by a single criminologist. Such a criminologist is not only worthless but also deserves immediate intellectual and certificate disrobing. We also have a track record of faultlessness in most, if not all of our advocacy writings. This is because we are not “liars who use passive voices”, but “truth tellers who use active voices”. We say the truth and insist on it no matter how bitter or where the pendulum swells. We are like a high court that concentrates its business on “ratio decidendi” and discards “orbiter dictum/dicta”. We are sticklers of issue based social development discussions and have no time for frivolities. We have always been vindicated on all major issues we canvassed.

Again, we thank all of you. And we celebrate your huge successes in online media industry. Through your newest ICT voices, voices of the suppressed and oppressed have been re-awakened and heard. You have struck a balance between the Southeast/South-south and Southwest media dichotomy and facilitated a healthy competition between print, audio/audio visual and online news industries.  History of invention of ICT media in Nigeria cannot be validly written without all of you. Nigerians celebrate all of you for creating another space for tens of millions of Nigerians especially after malicious and thieving politicians made an inroad into Nigeria’s leading print and electronic media and hijacked it.

Today, columns, editorials and top news on the country’s leading national dailies (print) are no longer what they used to be. Some popular private TV and radio stations especially in Lagos and Abuja have deviated and derailed because corruptly enriched politicians have corrupted and hijacked them. They are now pegged for the highest bidders, yet they have continued to preach accountability and transparency rested on morals.

We urge you not to relent a bit because Nigerians are proud of all of you. They celebrate you day in day out. As grassroots rights, democracy and security advocacy group, we are fully aware that vulcanizers, wheel barrow pushers, “mama put” providers, Keke and Okada riders and hawkers as well as traders now access and assess top news of the moment through their cell phones wherever they are, all thanks to all of you. They even share the news amongst themselves and make steady references to your popular and celebrated sites.

Our writing all of you is like giving you a feed back and letting you know how popular your news and your sites are among millions of Nigeria. We promise to continue to create news for your popular and celebrated sites. We will never let you and your celebrated sites down.

We also wish to use this medium to strongly condemn the ongoing attack by Nigerian military on the country’s print media. By attacking the country’s newspapers over their dutiful coverage and reports on Boko Haram terror campaign and counter-campaign, the Nigerian military has further exposed itself and brought its name to international ridicule. Rather than learning from its mistake of choosing to remain “a typewriter military organization” in ICT age and warfare, it has further exposed itself by not realizing that paper media has gone scientific.

If the soldiers of the Nigerian military seize hard copies of the country’s newspapers, what about their online copies? What about dozens of digital media outfits operating within and beyond the shores of the country? We see the military’s callous and illiterate attack on hard copies of the Nigerian newspapers as repetition of its gross mistake of “using type writer military hardware to combat ICT Boko Haram terror”. It is like a type writer police officer armed with AK-47 and asked to pursue an ICT Boko Haram bomb detonator. The attack under reference is totally condemned. The military has a serious case to answer over credible allegation of abdication of its sworn duties that led to a number of civilian massacres in the northeast States of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe.

Thank You Very Much.

Emeka Umeagbalasi
Board Chairman
+2348100755939 (text 24/7, calls 9.30am -4.pm, Mon.-Fri., office hours)

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