Sunday, 15 June 2014

Open Letter: Detained Owerri Based Activist Writes Governor Again

Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

His Excellency,
Owelle Rochas Okorocha,
Executive Governor of Imo State,
Government House,

Your Excellency,
A great injustice has been done to me. I am writing this open letter to you with a heavy and bitter heart. You cannot deny knowledge of the great injustice being done to me and my family. Though you denied knowledge of it when a body of human rights ambassadors  called you on phone. The truth remains that you have been following events as mails have continued to hit your mail box.

My wife and i including 14 other persons were arrested on the 3rd of June 2014 under trump up allegations of  committing murder. Later three other persons were arrested making a total number of 19. I was not at home when the young man was murdered on the road facing my compound. My wife was held up in my shop when rapid gunshots were booming on my street at Ikenegbu Layout Extension. My children according to my ten year old son Nwachinemere were at home watching cartoon when they equally heard gunshots. According to Nwachinemere, some persons ran into my apartment. He shouted at them repeatedly. They told him to shut up. The summary of everything is that blood stains were found in my apartment.

The Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly Mr Benjamin Uwajumogu  has been indicted by a security report as having a hand in the dastardly act. Uwajumogu was also said to have called the Imo State police command and allegedly compromised them to clamp on me and my family.

On Thursday 5 June 2014 by 530pm the CSO of the Imo Speaker was seen by me  in the office of my  IPO discussing with him  and i  confronted him to explain what he was doing there. The CSO to the Speaker (Chief Omeudo ) was speechless .

The following day 6 June 2014, your Excellency  you  ordered for my release. Infact  your  Chief of Staff  Sir Jude Ejiogu and the Special Adviser to the governor on Security and the Director General of Imo Security Guard  visited the Imo Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of  police and passed your message  that Samuelson and all those illegally and mistakenly arrested for murder should be released. They  apologized  to me and my wife.

 The DCP also ordered the IPO to release us . 30 minutes later the police started singing a new song. I suspect that even you  your Excellency has started dancing to the tune of Mr Uwajumogu’s music. Mean while 15 people have so far been released except me, my wife, a mason (Chibuike) and Mercy (a 16 year old sales girl)

Delay tactics have been adopted by the compromised IPO (Mr Obi) to ensure that i spend more days in police cell. This is injustice of the highest order. I am not intimidated by this cowardly act of  the Ihitte Uboma  man who still parades himself as the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly. I have exposed his criminal conduct which your Excellency has confirmed. I am very proud that i exposed the man who has made your administration to lose popularity. You  know everything .

Just yesterday, i wrote to your wife. I am also writing to you for the world to be my witness. I will never beg to be released for i have done nothing wrong. I am unjustly detained and you know it. Bread of deceit is sweet to the mouth but afterwards the same mouth will be filled with gravels and stones. Almighty God in his majestic glory is watching and nodding his head.

Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

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