Monday, 30 June 2014

Special Report: Motion By Joint Labour-CS Delegation And Allies On Modalities For Implementing Conference Decisions

·     Whereas the National Conference of the people of Nigeria 2014 was inaugurated by President and Commander in Chief of the Armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on Monday 17th, March, 2014.
Whereas the convening of the National Conference 2014 was necessitated by the continuing crises of Nation-building and the convergence of the desire of the people and government Nigeria to take appropriate urgent steps to lay new foundation for a Prosperous, Unitedand Strong Country.
  Whereas the President in his address while inaugurating the NationalConference 2014; had requested delegates to not only deliberate on solutions to our myriad of problems, but to also recommend modalities for implementing the report of conference;
 And whereas the conference had upon inauguration itself adopted a work-plan including deliberations on modalities for implementing conference resolutions.

We the undersigned sponsors and co-sponsors of this motion being delegates to the National Conference of the people of Nigeria 2014, urge conference plenary to consider and adopt the following prayers:

·      That the President of the Federal Republic as Head of Government should upon accepting the recommendations of Conference, direct the MDAs to immediately take steps to implement the policy recommendations, as regards, review of existing policy, enactment of New Policy, Implementation and Enforcement of existing policies;
 That the President should direct the preparation of Executive Bills accommodating the Legislative and Constitutional Reform and Amendment proposals of Conference and present same to the National Assembly such that the accepted resolutions of conference on the Constitution and Legislation will form significant parts of the legislative agenda and constitutional reform process of NASS;

·     That the Executive arm of government should work with the Legislative arm to Ensure the speedy Enactment of a legislative framework for the conduct of Referendum on ConstitutionalMatters such that the constitution that emerges from the resolutions of conference processed by the NASS shall be subject to ratification via a Referendum.

a.      Comrade Omar Abdulwaheed: NLC President
b.      Comrade BoboiKaigama: TUC President
c.       Femi Falana: Civil Society Delegation Leader
d.      Comrade Chris Uyot: NLC Gen Sec
e.      Comrade (Bar) Musa Lawal: TUC Sec Gen
f.        JayeGaskia: Secretary, Civil Society Delegation

1.      Dr. AbiolaAkiyode-Afolabi
2.      EzenwaNwagwu
3.      Auwal Musa
4.      Festus Okoye
5.      DuduManuga
6.      Shetu Alfa
7.      Rommy Mom
8.      Steve Aluko
9.      Abdul Mahmud Aminu
10.  KyautaGiwa
11.  Dr. Isaac Osuoka
12.  Rev. NnimmoBassey
13.  Chief BisiOlateru-Olagbegi
14.  Dr. Femi Obayori
15.  ModibboKawu
16.  ZanniZoro
17.  GbengaOgundipe
18.  Prof. OlabisiAina
19.  Dr. Joe-OkeiOdumakin
20.  HauwaShekarau
21.  Kiri Mohammed Shaibu
22.  Joe Ajaero
23.  Promise Adewusi
24.  IssaAremu
25.  Lucy Offiong
26.  AyubaWabba
27.  Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson
28.  Emma Ugboaja
29.  Ibrahim Khaleel
30.  Michael Olukoya
31.  Mrs. DinatuAsibiAssani
32.  OlasanyaOyinkan
33.  Sunday OlulsojiSalako
34.  OlakunleOlanrewajuOlaitan
35.  Peter Esele
36.  Augustine Etafo
37.  Maryam Jummai Bello
38.  Hassan SalihuAnka
39.  Bede Opara
40.  Aliyu Musa
41.  IbuchukwuEzike
42.  Y.Z Yau
43.  Anniko Briggs

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