Saturday, 7 June 2014

U-Report: “A Hungry Man Cannot Eat Roundabout”—Capt. Iheanacho

Capt. Iheanacho

Report By Emperor Iwuala

The former Nigeria’s interior Minister Capt. Emmanuel Ihenacho has remarked that the high level of unemployment and poverty in Imo State will not reduce until the state gets selfless and visionary leaders.

The ex-minister made this remark at the on-going inauguration of Capt Ihenacho’s Campaign Organisation for Orlu/Oru East/Orsu Federal Constituency recently held at St Mary’s Primary School play ground Orlu Imo State.

The international mariner said that lack of initiative to go into production of goods and services and over dependence on foreign products and federal allocation is the cause of mass unemployment in Imo State and the nation at large.

The Emekuku-Owerri-born business mogul and Chief Executive of Integrated Oil and Gas Company Limited also said that many of the products used in Nigeria are manufactured outside the country and sold to Nigeria thereby creating jobs, market, wealth and better economy for exporting nations.

‘I have looked at the roads and infrastructural work being done by the present government in Imo State. They are good but yet, there is poverty everywhere. A hungry man cannot eat round about.

‘People say I gave a lot of jobs as a minister. It was not by accident. I am not the only one that has steered the nation’s Ministry of Interior. There have been others. It is all about selflessness, vision and experience. When I came in as a minister, I first of all created the opportunities for jobs. It was through proper planning…’.

Continuing, the former ship navigator said that it is an irony that about three years he left as a minister, that people still stamped him on daily basis with thousands of requests for employment and that it was becoming frustrating to him.

‘Many people in Imo are existing and not living. Nothing is working. We have had enough ‘accidental’ governors. Therefore, I cannot continue to be in my own comfort zone as an onlooker while people lavish in abject poverty. I cannot be an armchair onlooker and charlatans and professional politicians hijack the leadership of our state again. The best is not to condemn but to get involved. From 1999 the military left till date is about 15 years. 15 years is enough to develop a state with great potentials like Imo. How many years did it take Dubai to get to where they are today? Imo is bigger than some country’s. Why can’t we make it? Mbakwe ruled Imo for about 5 years and established 34 industries. Therefore, if we want poverty and unemployment eradicated, we must get in the right people into government. Selfless, people with integrity, experience and vision. People who have been tested and can be trusted as well. We must build industries, employ our people, manufacture things to consume and export some abroad for revenue. That is the only way to fight unemployment and poverty in Imo State…’.

Earlier, the former minister was received by Eze C.I. Ihejirika who stood in for Eze (Dr) E. C. Okeke at Eze Okeke’s palace in Amaifeke Orlu.

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