Saturday, 12 July 2014

Article: The Falsehood And The Truth; Aregbesola And Iyiola Omisore

Aregbesola (left) And Iyiola Omisore

By Ologun Ayodeji

We are proud today that the world through the election in Ekiti perceives Nigeria as now a vibrant of democracies in the committee of Nations. It is a fact that our stature during the last decade has been bubbling up and down, not because of the strains of pressures that have come our way but due to only one reason, a poor electoral system being made corrupt by the politicians who are liars and who manage to infiltrate through their money and power muscle. Due to this, the major problem facing the country today is that we do not have the will power to keep such people out and thereby we can not afford good governance for our people.

In Osun state, like it was in Ekiti state a few weeks ago, the people have yet another opportunity to make a choice and make change possible.

A lot more needs to be done and we must today, sensitize and pressurize our people not to give their leadership right to a candidate who has a record of non performance, deceit and hypocrisy. 

In today's democracy, the rule is to some how to win elections by the use of money and multiple deceit and muscle power and then with enormous power go ahead  to make more money.
Such for me is what we have in the Tinubu empire in the south west called the APC and most visible through his stooge in Osun called "Ogbeni" Rauf Aregbesola.

I once knew a couple who adopted the habit of being gratuitously defensive about one another.  They couldn't accept that their marriage was in trouble and each spouse would react defensively to even obliquely negative feedback about the other not because he knew it was false, but because he feared it was true. It validated feelings each was having about the other but desperately wanted to keep repressed.

Am reminded of this when considering the intellectual contortions of the so called Progrethieves  who defend Aregbesola. No, it's not perfectly analogous:  the Progrethieves are driven more by political ambitions and record breaking ego than by a desire to make their 'marriage' work. But the denial is similar.

For Sen. Iyiola Omisore, the candidate of the PDP, self containment is simply his political default mode. Self possession is the core of his being, and a central part of the secret of his success. It is Omisore's unwavering discipline to keep his cool when others are losing theirs. 

Aregbesola and the APC's greatest strength in gaining office was a servile media that suppressed every scandal and ugly truth, every sordid association, every risible mistake and radical position. Aregbesola remains one governor that repel people and this I say on the first hand account of my meetings with him. 

People are exactly who a leader has to govern. Aregbesola isn't a governor because he likes the people or at least faking it and if he prevailed despite visible misanthropy, it is again a testimonial to the power of media manipulation and false propaganda.

An individual is likely to enter politics to be lauded by people (glory), or to control people (power), or because he hates the people's handiwork (society) and wants to punish them and or reshape them in his own image. For Aregbesola and his cohorts, it is obviously about the forceful control, POWER!

Aregbesola is self centered, arrogant (as he once beat his chest in my presence to say "oun gan gan Leko' that is, he is Lagos just as his boss Tinubu has also been quoted as saying), and probably megalomaniacal and narcissistic and possibly sociopathic jerk.

Truth: everyone needs feedback. A good leader knows this and is wise enough to both surround himself with competent people and to separate good counsel from bad. He exhibits what Confucius spoke of when saying, 'wisdom is, when you know something, knowing that you know it; and when you do not know something, knowing that you do not know it.' And Aregbesola? He's not dumb, as some suggest, though his intelligence is overrated. It's that he doesn't know much that is true and, more significantly, he doesn't know what he doesn't know.

Hence, as we go into the forth coming election in Osun State, it is pertinent to know that a failure would not overnight turn a success except by the power of God which Aregbesola does not even believe to serve except by faking attitudes and as such, the only guarantee to the restoration of the dignity and integrity of the state will be a change of government only possible by votes for a better, more coordinated and less arrogant personality.

For Osun, it should be the dawn of a new era through a government that leaves no one out and behind and this I know we all will celebrate in a few weeks from now. The PDP Sen. Iyiola Omisore's ticket going by its manifestoes will surely restore the hope of our people for a people oriented Leadership which guarantees Prosperity that leaves no one Behind. We cannot be quick to forget that till date, neither Ogbeni Aregbesola nor his party has presented any manifesto or cardinal agenda in its election campaigns which has merely been reduced to a sort of comic relief and dance shows by Ogbeni Aregbesola.

For Aregbesola, his exit from government should afford him the privilege of going back to learn decorum, decency and ethics of leadership and governance  and until then, I say to him farewell and in his own words, O DaBoooo.

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