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Article: Uwajumogu, Okorocha And Ihitte Uboma Council Funds

By Kenneth Uwadi
Since I started pointing out the  funds looted by the governor Rochas Okorocha’s government  and their lack of arithmetic knowledge of governance, I have been branded so many unprintable names by a selected group of unproductive, uninformed, money hungry, favour seeking, paranoid supporters of the government and accused of being sponsored by political opponents .But this is not true. I am only a concerned citizen of Imo State that is angry  that Imo youths have no jobs and angry with what the thieving political elites currently in power  are doing in Imo State. I’m disappointed that the governor’s supporters resorted to name-calling rather than addressing issues of stealing and  poor performance raised, but I’m not surprised given this  present Imo government  hooliganism way of confronting those who disagree with them. They are holding Samuelson Iwuoha illegally in detention for 2 months now for talking. No matter what they plan to do to me , i must talk. It is my right to talk as long as i am saying the truth.
June 6th 2011 was a day in Imo state that many people will not forget in a hurry. June 6th 2011 not only hurt; it was a day of woe for 10,000 workers in Imo state. On June 6th 2011, like the military-imperator that he is, Chief Rochas Okorocha the Governor of Imo State announced the sack  of 10,000 Imo youths. The Governor called it the so-called Ohakim’s 10,000 jobs. But a  job is a job, whether Ohakim’s job or not, at least it is a job handed over to  10,000 Imo  youths.
Okorocha  announced to everyone who has ears that Imo State cannot pay the salaries of the 10,000 legally employed graduates and had to send them into a long night walk. To Okorocha, that  was good for them, unemployment, the angry hunger, that was what  they deserve. The 10,000 suspended workers went home peeking into windows, watching tired housewives trying to fight off their beer-maddened husbands. Some of them became drunks like my friend, poor Jenifer, angry and lost like the whistle of a passing train.
The disengaged workers in their thousands staged several non violent demonstration in Owerri the state capital ,demanding for their reinstatement to no avail. Okorocha turned  deaf ears .I watched my friend Jenifer drink away her sorrows  daily in the night. I felt  her plight and the sadness  was so great. I heard her tears; I heard the tears of her parents. It was  like cigarette smoke climbing a chapel of dark vines.
The same man who together with Mr Benjamin Uwajumogu (Speaker of Imo House of Assembly )sacked  10,000 youths in Imo State is the same man that connived with the same Speaker to siphon  our local government funds. These men want us  to vote  them in  again  in 2015. Okorocha wants to be re-elected as governor while Uwajumogu wants to become Senator. A  stealing governor and a stealing Speaker of the House of Assembly  as well as  a stealing Chief of Staff to the governor all want  our vote in 2015. Odikwa egwu o.
It is also too bad to note that the thieving  Imo State House of Assembly Speaker Mr  Benjamin Uwajumogu is  part of the policies which have worsened  the prevailing plight of the Imo  masses. It is on record that the high catalogue of withdrawals, misappropriation, disregard to public procurement rules, happen with the consent of the Imo Speaker . Uwajumogu connived  with Ali Baba(Okorocha) , aided and abetted gross financial impropriety in Imo state.
Mr Benjamin Uwajumogu is from Ihitte Uboma LGA. Ihitte Uboma have you asked what happened to your council funds for 3 years now? Join me to ask  Ali Baba and his thieving Speaker: where are the local roads for Ihitte Uboma, where are the health care centres, good schools and standard markets for Ihitte Uboma? What about water for Ihitte Uboma. What about jobs for Ihitte Uboma Youths? Where are the projects  for  development in Ihitte Uboma? Lack of basic amenities has made Ihitte Uboma   a ghost environment .Where is the 4.6 billion naira that came from FG  to Ihitte Uboma  LGA from  May 2011  to December 2013?  Uwajumogu and his Oga Rochas don chop am vugavuga. Yet they want our votes in 2015.
Ihitte/Uboma is a Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Isinweke. It has an area of 104 square km and a population of 120,744 at the 2006 census. The postal code of the area is 472. Ihitte/Uboma Local Government Area is located on the Eastern part of Imo State. It is washed on the East by Imo River which separates the Area from Umuahia Local Government Area of Abia State. On the North, it is bound by Okigwe Local Government Area while on the West it is bound by Ehime Mbano Local Government Area. Southwards, it shares boundaries with Obowo and Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government Areas. It has a land Area of 109 square Kilometers. It is accessible from Owerri through Aguneze Road and lies on the Federal Trunk A road from Umuahia to Anara.
From May 2011 to December 2011 the sum of N1, 190, 078,853.54 came from FG to Ihitte Uboma LGA. From January 2012 to December 2012 the sum of N1, 655,419,306.48 came from FG to this council..From January 2013 to December 2013 the sum of N1,799,486,610.76 came from FG to the same  LGA making a total of N4,644,984,770.78 . What happened to these monies? Uwajumogu and his Oga don wack am. Imagine how developed Ihitte Uboma would have been with  4.6 billion  naira .
This  capitalist  thieving  Speaker, the Bertie Smalls of Imo State and his Oga  , unless removed from power   will  always and would always directly loot Imo monies  that ought to be used to better the lot of the vast majority of the  Imo  population. Find below the total breakdown of money that came from FG to Ihitte Uboma LGA from May 2011 to December 2013 that was squandered.
May 2011 N91,533,112.46
June 2011 N122,366,508.21
July 2011 N216,947,627.45
Aug 2011 N126,836,608.57
Sept 2011 N128,840,145.59
Oct 2011 N150,262,794.29
Nov 2011 N205,191,710.72
Dec 2011 N129,221,316.62
Jan 2012 N145,898,474.40
Feb 2012 N129,343,769.80
March  2012 N161,598,126.95
April 2012 N130,699,645.22
May 2012 N121,220,078.42
June 2012 N121,353,541.63
July 2012 N115,618,264.43
Aug 2012 N148,936,863.47
Sept 2012 N115,828,556.05
Oct 2012 N114,176,087.55
Nov 2012 N151,007,223.80
Dec 2012 N199,738,674.76
Jan 2013 N149,835,002.80
Feb 2013 N122,934,999.56
March 2013 N161,598,126.95
April 2013 N153,803,678.84
May 2013 N163,307,367.48
June 2013 N168,099,844.56
July 2013 N128,957,614.78
Aug 2013 N151,091,500.57
Sept 2013 N128,575,414.16
Oct 2013 N115,828,556.05
Nov 2013 N150,262,794.29
Dec 2013 N205,191,710.72
(Uwadi writes from Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria.)

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