Monday, 14 July 2014

Poem: "Silence"

Chidi Anthony Opara(right) with Wole Soyinka And Others

By Chidi Anthony Opara

I will step into the sanctuary
Of silence
To commune with self.
I will wear
The shield of solitude
To wage war awhile
On the silent front.
Cocoon me in your bosom
As mother cocooned me
At that time of infancy
When I waged war on kwashiorkor,
When the war planes
Pounded our pride.

I will obliterate from my memory
These jingles of the jihadists
Vandalizing my eardrums.
I will obliterate from my memory
This loud laughter of looters.

When I emerge,
I will wage just wars,
I will vanquish
These warriors of unjust wars.

(Poem presented as social service, all rights reserved.)

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