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Article: Bring Back Ikedi Ohakim (Part One)

Ikedi Ohakim

By Kenneth Uwadi
Right from my days in the University of Port Harcourt I fought for the masses and the oppressed. I do this through article writing, placard caring protest, blogging, hiring of legal service, campaigns and struggles against  the  anti-poor policies of the ruling class, as well as fighting for the day-to-day improvement in the living conditions of the masses.  When  Barrister Emperor Iwuoha   was victimized by Justice Njemanze for writing an article against him , I came to his support. I have never met  Iwuala till date but I stood by him. When Henry Ekpe was beaten up by Governor Okorocha’s thugs and was daily victimized by Owelle’s government, I stood by him. I have also never met Ekpe before.

I have stood by countless persons that were  victimized in Nigeria .I am also standing by Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha as he is currently being victimized by Governor Okorocha’s government. I have only met Samuelson twice in my life. Samuelson’s case is purely political and one day Imo people will believe me. You can deceive all the people some of the times, but definitely not all the time.
Also when  politicians  were spreading all the lies against Dr Ikedi Ohakim   in 2010  i was one of those that shouted  that this man did not do the evil they said he did. I did my investigations and saw the lies and i  shouted that this man  was  misunderstood, misconstrued and deliberately misrepresented in some quarters . I saw the  massive conspiracy to denigrate his  person and defame his  administration . I spoke against some of the  ‘moonlight tales’ spread about  him.  People called me all sort of names for speaking in favor of  him . Some said I was working for him.
Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. The Catholic Priest and Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka recently exposed the  hidden truth about the ‘Ohakim flogged Reverend Father’ saga. He told the world that Ohakim  didn’t beat any priest. That It was an orchestrated falsehood and blackmail which unfortunately were aimed at scuttling his re-election bid. That when he  wanted to reach the governor so as to get his own version, those who worked with him made it impossible. He  waited patiently for him but he never showed up. It was then  he  composed his  music ‘Onye ahu kuru father Ihe, ogaghi achi anyi ozo’ meaning the person who beat our priest will not rule us again’, which made Catholics in the state to deny Ohakim  their votes.He said that the Rev Father later told him the truth and that  it is good to tell the truth even if it was  coming late. That  the world should know  that he (Ohakim) never did anything like that.
Father Mbaka also  descended heavily on the Imo State Governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha, for allegedly issuing 50 million naira ‘dud’ cheque to Owerri Catholic Archdiocese in 2012  even after Catholics voted  massively for him in the 2011 governorship election. He described the rescue mission of Governor Okorocha  as a disappointment to God and humanity, having betrayed the confidence and trust reposed in him by the Imo State electorate.
In his words, Mbaka said, “I see Imo today, I cry. To all politicians, please ozo emekwala oh! How can somebody give an anointed Archbishop a fifty million naira fake cheque for completion of Church  building? Rochas took advantage of confusion in the land to ride to power. Ndi Imo, ozo emekwala oh!”.Mbaka   did not stop there but invited the former Governor with his wife to the alter and prayed for them, and said, “Nnayi Ohakim, power will come to you free of charge. I’m seeing God coming to use you to bless Imo. You have a bright future, and I’m seeing it. Don’t forget our people. Everything that happened in the past all happened for good.”
“After the blackmail and falsehood that Ohakim assaulted a Catholic priest, the man who benefitted from the whole thing is now dealing with the people as well as destroying the state. Even our Archbishop in Owerri is now crying. Could you imagine that our cathedral in Owerri is almost collapsing and what this man (Rochas) could do was to give the church a  50 million naira bounced cheque? As I am speaking now, Rochas is dealing with the people. In fact, that man is not a blessing to Ndi Imo and I wonder the kingdom where he came from,” Mbaka  said.
In a  bizarre attempt to defend the governor of Imo  State  over  the N50million dud cheque, Samuel Onwuemedo (SA Media to Governor Okorocha)  called the popular televangelist Catholic preacher a liar. He said  that the allegation was not only false, but spurious and curious in many respects, as there is no iota of truth in it and that Mbaka should do a follow up to his claim by providing the proof.
We only saw this kind of   blind and uncultured defense of  a politician as displayed by Onwuemeodo  when General Ibrahim Babangida now retired annulled the June 12, 1993 election and Uche Chukwumerije was defending it tooth and nail that Babangida was right to have annulled the freest election ever held. Nigerians witnessed this kind of blind defense briefly too by late Wada Nas in his defense of  General Sani Abacha. It is true that Sam Onwuemeodo  must justify his pay, since 'he who pays the piper dictates the tone but even if people must defend Nigerian politicians, let their conscience guide them. Sam’s calling of Mbaka a liar is part of the Okorocha government usual way of ‘opening of  mouth before you think’’ and an insult to the entire Catholic community of which I am part of.
Onwuemeodo should know that in  Nigeria today, there are many revered men of God who are as powerful as they are influential.  In this league are some powerful Catholic Reverend Fathers such as Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ede, Rev Father Mbaka, Rev. Fr. Dominic Nwobodo, Fr. Basil Gbuzue, Fr. Paschal Tochukwu Ekediegwu and Rev Father Paul Martin Obayi  Okonerere  whose integrity are still very much intact, in spite of all the rot and sacrileges in Christendom these days.  These Reverend Fathers are holy and still keep to their calling, leaving no room whatsoever for compromise or deviation from all Catholics norms and doctrines. Most of them own prayer ministries, and even schools.  They are renowned for accurate predictions, healings and life-changing counseling, coupled with parishes that each one of them coordinates.
Rev Father Mbaka  is a very popular firebrand preacher of the gospel.  Signs and Wonders usually follow his powerful ministrations.  Mbaka’s weekly all-night adoration crusade at Emene, Enugu, has continued to be a big crowd-pulling programme as many Catholic faithful always throng the round to attend the programme. Many of his ministrations and preaching’s are against corrupt government. His miracles have, in no small way, helped in letting many young parishioners stay put in Catholic, because all they would have got in Pentecostal, miracle-happening churches, he  makes happen in Catholic Church. We the Catholics believe in him so much. He has  said that Okorocha issued a dud cheque, we believe it for we know who Mbaka is. Charley Boy even said that Okorocha did the same thing to him with a 20 million naira dud cheque during his father’s burial.
The 2015 governorship election is around the corner. Imo State is abuzz these days with political activities and discussions over who  will win the Imo governorship election. The state is divided into several political camps, each rallying supporters for their preferred candidate. I have been watching, listening and studying   the Imo government house contenders and I   have made my cool assessment, unencumbered and come up with the conclusion that  if Chief Ikedi Ohakim gets his party ticket for the 2015  governorship election in Imo State, I will support him to continue his good works in Imo State.He is calm, calculative, meticulous and altruistic. Even in the face of scores of smear campaign against him when he was governor  he was neither deterred nor derailed from pursuing the vision of A New Face Of Imo.
Ohakim demonstrated unparallel zeal and commitment in the development of  Imo State when he was Governor. He has demonstrated that he is courageous, sober, competent, and concerned with the welfare of Imo State. He is also a compassionate Christian. Though solid in his faith and standing for traditional family values, he’s not an uncaring extremist. He lives what he believes and respects others’ beliefs even when they disagree with him. As one of those who have been fighting for the sacked 10,000 workers to get their jobs back, I support the bring back Ikedi Ohakim project.
(Uwadi writes from Mmahu-Egbema,Imo state, Nigeria)

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