Sunday, 28 September 2014

Poem: In The Confines Of Confusion

By Chidi Anthony Opara

The iron bird
With image of holiness
Etched on its wings,
With its belly bulging with currency
With the inscription;
“In God We Trust”
From this troubled land
To the homeland of Madiba
To exchange currency with war weapons.

A little bird whispered
To the guards of Madiba’s homeland
And iron bird was caged
And delivered of its cargo,
Shouts of;
“Aku ba ru!”
Roused me from silence.

Palace piano players
The keys of obfuscation
And we were caged
In the confines of confusion.

We still celebrate,
Unmasked masquerades still dance.
There are still shouts of ;
“Aku ba ru!”.
Palace piano players
Still press the keys of obfuscation,
We are still caged
In the confines of confusion.

(Poem presented as social service, all rights reserved.)

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