Friday, 19 September 2014

U-Report: Eyewitness To T.B. Joshua’s Church Building Collapse

Fortu Ngomane; Eye Witness

Report By lee Seung

Over 200 South Africans survived the building collapse at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) in Lagos, South Africa's High Commissioner in Nigeria said on Thursday.

“There are 265 South African survivors. Initially there were 96 injured South Africans, but now there are only 29 still in hospital, including a three-year-old child,” Lulu Mnguni said in a telephone interview.

The ministry recently released an official statement which was posted on T.B. Joshua’s Facebook page. The post was followed by thousands of comments from T.B. Joshua’s Facebook fans leaving their prayers and support.

One South African commenter by the name of Fortu Ngomane, who claimed to be an eyewitness, shared her experience during the tragic event. She said,

“People of God, I am a South African and I witnessed what happened. I was there; it happened right in front of my eyes. A building cannot just collapse like that. When it collapsed, it sounded like an explosion. We love our prophet. That man is a true man of God and what happened will never make me to stop coming to Scoan. If the devil used that to stop us South Africans from coming to Scoan, well, he is in for the shock of his life because we are coming with testimonies. I remember that same Friday wiseman Daniel was teaching us that when challenges attack your life, don't run away from God but run to God’’.

‘’I for one was there. I just came back yesterday, but I can't wait to go back their and worship God. Even if I die in the process I will be grateful because I will die right in the presence of the Lord. Oh how I wish God can raise such a prophet in South Africa, our country. The word of God says blessed are those who die in the house of the Lord for they shall see God. We will never stop praying for our prophet. He was the main target, so if people hate him so much to want him that it means he is dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. You remain in our prayers man of God, we love you.”

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