Friday, 24 October 2014

Article: Unveiling The Masquerade

Musiliu Obanikoro

By  Kola Salau

As long as the priorities of those in government remain the interests of big business, rather than the people they hope to serve, the impact of voting is negligible and it is our responsibility to be more active if we want real change. Turns out that among the biggest culprit is 'Obanikoro' who spends most of his time at the meek heart of the political establishment and can't summons up the self-delusion to drag his nib across the box of truth. 
He, more than any of us assumes that politicians are frauds and he one of the biggest of them. The only reason to vote is if the vote represents power or change and as Lagosians and those of us in the PDP, we have the chance now, not to allow a pathetic liar and identity thief to rule us.

I fervently believe that we deserve more from our democratic system than the few derisory tit-bits tossed from the carousel of the mighty, when they hop a few inches left or right. The lazily duplicitous servants of The City expect us to gratefully participate in what amounts to little more than a political hokey cokey where every four years we get to choose what colour tie the liar who will rule wears.

When Tinubu came with his lies and prime of which is the Chicago certificate, we thought he is the BEST but I bet, Koro is a bigger match.  When I write and call him Koro and without the Oba prefix, it is because I know as much as he does that he stole that identity. Will Koro tell all in the public court who bore the name, LAWAL ONIKORO? (That was his father)  That Onikoro is his family name and not Obanikoro as the Name Obanikoro is a chieftaincy title in Lagos and  was adopted by him when he had problems back in the days since it is a more popular and honorable name.

Can we also in case of doubt ask our dear Koro why his wife bears the name, Morufat Onikoro and not Obanikoro. Koro made us belief he attended Texas Southern University which investigation has proved to be lie and if he chose to further sing his lies into our ears, may he just tell us who his mates back then were for verification purpose, what course he studied and when he graduated?

What Chicagoans or Texasian like Tinubu, Koro wanna be? We won't be fools to allow affliction arise again or perhaps it is so easy to forget that one went to a university or how else do we explain the omition of the supposed Texas Southern university from record when Koro appeared for screening at the senate to be a minister?

How can someone with thirty 30 social security numbers in the United States to his name and him alone want to be governor over a people whose intellects is yet to go to sleep? Like Baba Faleti rightly said in one of his movie Appearances, the bird does not just perch on the roof top o. It listens to words.

Such words are a lot to tell who really Koro is. His many lies and his history of fraud but perhaps until he puts up a Defence to the few question asked, I will lightly let him be. But for us as a people, when a thief calls the hen to roost, we probably knows what he intends. If we won't have it better which we would, we will not at least go back to the dark days of being led by people who lie to us and knows less than us.

Koro should be prepared at this stage to answer many of those questions as may arise in the days to come before venturing into the adventure or dreaming of flying the flag of the PDP for the Lagos Governorship come 2015.

(Salau is the Registrar Of Lagos Study Group,
Herbert Macaulay way, Yaba, Lagos.)

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