Monday, 13 October 2014

U-Report: MOSSAD, CIA & SSS Planned To Abduct Shi'a Women In Zaria

Sayyid Ibrahim Alzakzky

Report By Stephen Lawan

The leader of Islamic movement in Nigeria Sayyid Ibrahim Alzakzky debunked a  Planned by CIA MOSSAD and SSS to kidnap young women of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria tomorrow on their way to attend ghadir eid celebration in Zaria.
He said the plan to kidnap is to be carried out as the Sisters Move along their way to Husaniyyah Baqiyyatullah to attend Ghadeer programmes. The Sheikh therefore called on Sisters to always move in group and in broad day light as they attend programmes.

He reiterated that no Sister should  go back to her destination alone to avoid being kidnapped. He called on Brothers to give the Sisters maximum protection, even if doing so would cost their lives.

Similarly, the Leader expressed that there is another plot to create fake Guards (hurras) who would put on attires similar to the ones used by the guards of the Islamic Movement.

The fake guards will be used to shoot at Soldiers on their way back from their military exercise. A video of the incident will be shown to the world. This would pave way for an onslaught on the Islamic Movement by the Security operatives.

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