Saturday, 15 November 2014

Article: Abia State’s Flight To Doom

By Aaron Ogbuji

Believe it or not Abia State is passing through its roughest periods since it was created. Never have the people had it so bad. Life is gradually grinding to a halt. Nothing seems to be working any longer. The government, as well as social infrastructure, seems to be in a comatose state. Hunger, poverty, infrastructural decay, insecurity and disorder are the prevalent features in the state. A once virile and robust state has been pulled to its knees by the greed and avarice of a few persons who parade themselves as leaders of the state. The governor, Chief Theodore Orji, whose primary responsibility is to superintend over the affairs of the state and its people, has abandoned the day-day governance in preference to politics.

His major preoccupation now is politics, politics and politics. He does not think about the welfare of the suffering people of the state who have placed so much hope in him to redeem them from their endemic poverty and penury. Take a trip to the state and experience, firsthand, the chaos and despondency that are palpable everywhere you go. The people are deeply saddened by the developments and are waiting for an opportunity to vent their anger.

Why has Governor Orji abandoned the people to chase shadows in politics? Why has he left undone many of the things he promised to do for the people? Where has all the money he gets monthly from Abuja and other unnamed sources gone? Who will save Abia State from the impending cataclysm? Answers to these questions are all we need to underscore the level of degeneration to which the state has been brought.

It seems nobody is interested in what is happening in Abia State anymore. Why have the President and the security agencies turned deaf ears to the cries of the people to come to their aid? The only answer I can provide to this question is that the persons involved have been bamboozled by the governor with his tales of lies. I know he has been lying to them about the true positions of things in our state; which might account for their lethargy and insensitivity.

However, there is one truth President Jonathan should know: the way Abia State is going the people will vote in protest against the governor and whoever he is supporting. Let the President not forget that the governor does not possess any electoral value anymore. All he flaunts is his notoriety for falsehood and blackmail. Everybody in Abia State knows the governor is a featherweight when it comes to politics. What he uses at present are structures put in place by his predecessor. This is why up till this day the governor could not build his own structures.

I used to be a ward chairman in PDP and a village Head, and, therefore, conversant with Abia’s political environment. Whoever tells anybody that Governor Orji is capable of making Jonathan President in 2015 is simply deceiving himself. All the noise the governor makes is nauseating. After all, he knows the truth about his incapacity to help anybody win an election. As usual, all he banks on is to use gullible security agents, supported by his thugs and other miscreants, to trig the election. But how possible is it going to be this time is a question reasonable persons should ask. I have weighed the options available to the governor, including the current pulse of the people, and can boldly state that the governor will not be able to deliver Jonathan in Abia State under the present mood.

The people are disenchanted and disillusioned over the way the governor has treated them. They are frustrated over the inability of the governor to deliver to them fruitful dividends of democracy. All he has succeeded in giving to the people is hate and division. Nobody trusts one another anymore, while the various ethnic groups that make up the state live like cat and mouse. Is it under this condition that the President will be delivered?

There is no internal democracy in our great party (PDP) in the state. The governor and his son have hijacked the party they did not know how it was founded. They have intimidated everybody into total submission. Nobody dares raise his voice or he will be silenced by the terror-squads they have set up. The governor and his son do not care about rules and regulation. All they care about are their selfish interests and how to entrench their fiefdom in the state.

I am very familiar with the politics of Abia State and can state without any fear of contradiction that the people are angry and ready to vent their anger at the polls. At that time, it may become too late for the President and his advisers to do something. I saw the show of shame that took place two weeks ago in our state when our party was supposed to hold its primaries. There was nothing before, during or after the period scheduled for the primaries to hold that showed that anything happened in Abia State. The panel members were hijacked by the governor and his son and their cohorts and prevented from doing the assignment for which they were sent to the state. At the end of the day they retired at a popular hotel in the state capital to write the results.

I was shocked that such a disgraceful thing could be allowed to happen in a 21st Century Abia. And nobody has done anything to redeem the situation up till now. If what I have heard is true, that the party has accepted the doctored results submitted by the local government primaries panel, then Abia State is heading for the precipice. President Goodluck Jonathan may pretend he does not know about the atrocities committed by the governor and his son, but it will not be too long before the truth stirs him in the face. He may continue to be indifferent for all I care, but he will be jolted into reality when he loses election in Abia State.

We the youth of Abia State are tired of the handouts the governor and his son give us whenever they so please. We are mature, educated and enlightened people who can no longer allow ourselves to be manipulated by a bunch of political desperadoes. For how long will they use us as guinea pigs before they free us to search for a more lucrative future? We the youth have no future in the hands of the governor and his overbearing son. Some of the Ochendo Youth Empowerment Scheme vehicles they gave out to some youth have packed up, leaving them frustrated and dejected. We need a more sustainable means of livelihood different from the ad hoc arrangements we have in place at the moment.

For the avoidance of doubt, we have resolved to work together to stop anybody planning to rig the 2015 general elections in favour of anybody. We will defend our votes with the last drop of our blood. The time has passed when fear used to rule our lives. We are now more courageous to fight for our freedom, no matter what price we are made to pay. We can no longer fold our arms and watch our state raped by a band of conscienceless and thieving persons posing as the people’s Messiahs.

Very soon, if care is not taken, there will be an exodus of important personalities from PDP to other political parties. Many of those disenfranchised in the primaries of the party in the state may head elsewhere in search of franchise and liberty. This is one undeniable truth all of us should appreciate while Abia burns.
For now, let us fasten our seat belts and get ready for the crash of Abia Flight No. 2015 taking us to Hades.

But God forbid!     
(Ogbuji wrote from Ipu-Owaza, Ukwa West, Abia State)         


  1. This is not the first time this allegation was publicized and no body in the state has come forward to defend or even say any thing about the charges.How was the primary run? Do you have evidence of your process. People want to know.You can not just ignore the state and the people.

  2. Based on what everybody can see on the ground,
    Governor T.A. Orji can't be compared to former
    governors of the state, though Ochendo is not in
    competition with
    anybody. He is only doing what he knows how to do
    in governance. People are asking what the former
    governor, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, did with state funds
    in the eight years he was in office. He built neither
    did any tangible projects nor did he provide viable
    It has become obvious that since the creation of
    Abia, no past governor has performed as much as
    Orji. He has distinguished himself. He is the only
    governor that has really paid attention to important
    structures that will improve the state. Some of his
    projects include: the construction of New
    Government House, Workers Secretariat and the
    InterBefore the administration of Governor T. A. Orji,
    no past administration thought it wise to provide
    solid structures that could give the people a proper
    sense of belonging. Whenever the Abia State
    Government organized an important function that
    involved majority of people in the state, there was
    no venue that accommodated such a huge number
    of people except the stadium. For instance, if
    government wants to have a town hall meeting with
    the people, you cannot hold town-hall meeting at
    the stadium. Presently, major national conferences
    are seldom held here simply because there are no
    comfortable venues to accommodate a large
    number of people like you have in other state
    capitals such as Enugu, Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Ibadan
    and recently Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital.
    When the Abia International Conference Centre is
    completed, many organizations both local and
    International, will be having their conferences,
    seminars and workshops here in Umuahia, including
    major wedding ceremonies by well-to-do people.
    The Umuahia International Conference Centre being
    built by Chief T. A. Orji is the best in the country,
    maybe only second to the Federal Government's
    International Conference Centre in Abuja. Today,
    the state boasts of several monumental projects
    that would stand as legacies of Ochendo many years
    after he has left office as governor of Abia. national
    Conference Centre.
    Abia Liberation Farms have been established to
    employ over 1000 jobless youths. The Abia Youth
    Empowerment Programme of Governor Orji has
    impacted so much on the lives of the poor and
    previously aimless youths. The youths rather, than
    engage in crimes, are now happily and gainfully
    employed which makes the environment safe for
    everyone. On the construction and rehabilitation of
    roads, about 60 roads have been worked on and
    made motorable. After the rains, more roads will be
    worked on as promised by the Governor. New
    markets have been built to replace the existing ones
    that had so defaced Umuahia, the state capital. The
    industrial market has since taken off, the New Motor
    Spare Parts Market and Mechanic Village at Ohiya in
    the Umuahia South Local Government Area is
    booming with activities. The relocation of the
    Umuahia Main Market to its new site at Ubani Ibeku
    will decongest the Umuahia city-centre and make
    room for other developmental projects.

  3. It is obvious you're suffering from political frustration.You said you were once a ward chairman and now that you're no longer a ward chairman and the money had stopped coming,you're now complaining.There is hunger in Abia now and Ochendo is not working because you're not benefitting from the present government any longer.This is selfishness!

    Chief T.A Orji(Ochendo Global) remains the best Governor Abia has ever had.Abians have never had it so good than under Ochendo's administration.Under his watch,Abia has been adjudged one of the safest states in the country.There is adequate security for the protection of lives and properties in the state.

    Under Ochendo's administration,the level of unity and peace among Abians is unprecedented.No more Abuja vs Umuahia polticians' battle.Abians speak with one voice on both local and national issues under the big umbrella-PDP.

    Ochendo is loved by Abians and Abians have continued to support him and will never cease to support him.The truth remains that those who're with Ochendo are greater than those who say they hate him.

    About popularity of Ochendo,he is a political colossus.He is the emerging political Tiger in the entire south-east.At the moment,Ochendo Global is the most saleable political brand in the entire zone.

    In 2011,PDP had a total sweep of all elective political offices in the state and also ensured that President Jonathan won convincingly with 100% victory in Abia.Ochendo will still do it again in 2015.With Ochendo incharge,GEJ has no problem in Abia,come 2015.

    God bless Ochendo Global!

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