Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Article: As Governor T.A Orji And Son Pick PPD Nomination Forms

Governor T.A Orji

By Eric Okonkwo

As we approach the 2015 general elections, politicians who have nothing to offer to the people have started adopting desperate strategies not only to emerge as the party’s flag bearer but to win general election.
The scenario above can best be seen  in Abia State where  the incumbent Governor T. A Orji and his son, Chinedu a.k.a IKuku, had picked and submitted their expression of interests and nomination forms to run as Senator representing Abia Central and House of Assembly member representing Umuahia Central respectively. The decision of the duo to run for elective positions in 2015 is an indication that the first family has mortgaged the future of Abians. One question that comes to mind is, does Abia not have credible candidates to run for elections other than the duo of Father and Son? The situation calls for appraisal and to me, it is a big slap on Abians.

If not for the timely intervention of some prominent politicians in Abuja, Governor Orji’s wife and Chinedu’s mother, Odochi would have picked and submitted PDP nomination form to vie for House of Representatives member representing Umuahia/Ikwuano federal constituency. Again, I asked myself, must a whole family remain in power? Afer all, the private sector has a lot of opportunities to attain tall positions in life.

I firmly believe like every average Nigeria does, that the essence of government is to give dividends of democracy that will better the lives of the people. Abia State is acting on a script that is against the basic tenets of good governance. Rather than formulate and implement pro poor policies and programmes, the state resources are shared among the duo of the first family that is Governor Orji, wife and son and the so called Abia elders. I know that for anyone to assume the position of an elder in a community, you need to have some characteristics such as selflessness. I don’t think selfless service is in the dictionary of the so called self serving and greedy Abia elders who have turned themselves into monthly pay boys of Governor T. A. Orji in a bid to meet their unending need for money.

I also believe leadership is earned through probity, transparency and accountability and not by assault, intimidation and propaganda. At the moment, every corner shop in Abia State has a banner with the inscription” Ochendo Global”. This act is shameful especially when you hear from shop owners the way they are forced to hang these banners to prevent demolition of their shops and for the avoidance of multiple levies. Shop owners without these banners have their shops demolished or requested to pay heavy levies.

The current state of Aba, which used to be the commercial hub of Abia State, is disappointing as no road in the town is motorable. The infrastructural decay is not only peculiar to Aba but all over the nook and cranny of the State. Heaps of refuse are seen littering the environment and yet the governor claims that the state environmental agency (ASEPA) has a good allocation. A state where civil servants are not paid salaries as at when due, embargo on employment and promotion, hospitals have no drugs and skilled personnel and the Governor and his family members are acquiring properties in prime areas in London, USA, Spain and South Africa. I do not want to dwell on the ugly situation in Abia State but time will tell. I only hope the people of Abia State will rise up and resist the intimidation that manned previous elections and  vote for God fearing and Selfless leaders in the forthcoming elections in the State. A word is enough for the wise!

And to worsen matters, Gov. Orji has just anointed Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, the General Manager of ASEPA, as his successor, obviously to cover his notorious tracks of kleptomania and surrogacy that have bedeviled the state. The grapevine has it that his son unilaterally handpicked Ikpeazu and forced him on his father. This is the best time for Abians to arise and stand against this unfolding craziness.

(Okonkwo is a Card-Carrying Member of PDP in Isiukwauato LGA of Abia State)

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