Monday, 3 November 2014

News Release: APC Is Not Ready To Win Election In 2015, Out To Cause Chaos

Barr. Olukayode Ajulo on Monday accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of planning to cause chaos in the 2015 general elections going by their unguarded utterances and inciting statements against the country.

In a statement issued in Abuja, the Labour Party National Secretary, blasted the APC for celebrating insurgency and terrorism, and fanning the embers of further chaos rather than finding ways of assisting the government to fight it.

"The APC campaigns rather than being issue-based are characterised by name-calling, factless fault-finding and dirty diatribes devoid of plans for Nigerians."

Barr. Ajulo, a constitutional lawyer who also doubles as the Chairman of Egalitarian Mission for Africa, said going by the statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed on Sunday in Lagos, the APC has finally revealed its evil intention against Nigeria.

The APC has inter alia said: "the Jonathan's Administration got swindled by an impostor in a ceasefire deal."
''President Jonathan owes Nigerians an explanation on what has now turned out to be an unprecedented global faux pas. Engaging in cheap damage control by insisting on the genuineness of the deal."

"These unguarded talks and schoolboy lampoon show how myopic and selfish a party that claimed to be progressive is in issues of national security that hold dire consequences for the entire citizenry" the Labour Party said.

It noted that while vibrant opposition was necessary for democracy to flourish, the nation's unity and peace must not be sacrificed on the alter of do-or-die politics.

"Apparently the APC is not set out to win the 2015 general election as it lacks the vision, capacity and strategy to do so. Rather, their mission is to make the country ungovernable going by the utterances credited to one of its major presidential contenders. It is instructive that the same bellicose posture and politically infantile proclamations presaged the violence that visited the outcome of the presidential polls in 2011. And what is more, certain parts of the country have remained virtually ungovernable since then!

"Nigerians are not unaware of the antecedents of the APC major contenders. The nation will not be hoodwinked with factless rhetorics aimed at obfuscating the truth and refocusing attention from the personalities the party intends to present for the presidential polls. What Nigerians desire most today are presidential hopefuls who have direct and tenable answers to their basic yearnings, not men who promise fire, brimstones and bloodshed if they fail to have their way at the polls.

"What stands out most is the fact that the party is playing politics with an issue like terrorism, an evil despised by the whole world. When America fought terrorism, it was viewed by both the Democrats and the Republicans as a national concern of all and not an issue for pedestrian postulations and dirty politicking" the party further said.

According to the statement, "Pursuit of studies in terrorism and insurgency is not the hallmark of a political party aspiring to position of authority and power in a diverse society like Nigeria. Strategies that unite the people across classes, ethnic groups and religions should be held more paramount by any political party worth its calling.

"Wasteful trips to study brewing uprising in another African country smacks of folly in political theory and beating about the bush in practice. If indeed there is any lesson to be learnt from the situation in Burkina Faso, it that those who think they can always come to power through the back door and by manipulative means will always have themselves to blame at the end of the day. Power belongs to the people, who not only own but must posses it. The Burkinabe incident is lesson enough for any aspiring usurper.

It adviced the APC to refrain from further inciting Nigerians and pay due attention to the much more palpable issue of their fast dwindling followership saying: "if the APC has nothing to sell to Nigerians, it should gallantly withdraw from the presidential race which in any case it is poised to lose."

"Election is at hand, Nigerian workers obviously have a role to play in it and certainly they will determine who will be elected as power belong to the people" As it is, it is expected that political parties should come out with what they have for the goose that lays the golden egg. They should think of how to better the lot of our people, Labour Party added.

"Nigerian masses and the labour movement would like to know for instance, the position of parties on the minimum wage. They are interested in the next year expected  increase on the Statute signed by President Jonathan in 2011. Parties that want to be at liberty to tinker whimsically with the national minimum wage all in the name of true federalism obviously do not mean well for Nigerian workers. Wherever they are in power, they deserve to be voted out and where they aspire to power, they deserve to be voted against.

Those with propensity to guillotine the masses and labour movement and share no respect for the rule of law and fond  of retroactive application of law cannot suddenly wake up to present themselves as friends of the people.

Barr. Kayode Ajulo,
Labour Party National Secretary
Monday, 3rd November, 2014

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