Saturday, 1 November 2014

Special Report: Full Text Of Boko Haram Leader’s Statement Debunking Ceasefire

I am using this opportunity to send this message to the infidels in Nigeria and their rest infidels in the world in Hausa vernacular, the tongue that many understand and if the need arise, I will explain in Fulani and Kanuri, but let us explain to you briefly.

People should know that it is Allah that we are serving, the Prophet of Allah SWT. This is what we put ahead of us; we are praying to die in this path and see heaven and begging Allah to grant us inner most part of heaven and may Allah shield us.

You followers of the constitution, have you forgotten your what you said in your constitution when we were preaching in Maiduguri town? In you constitution, you cite section 8 verse 1, 2 to 3 in that your cursed document referred to as the constitution, that it is a law and not reversible. You came out in your radio and newspapers and say we are fighting for Islamic Caliphate, it is that constitution that stops us preaching in Maiduguri, and we move out because of exile Allah tasked us to embark.

Have you also forgotten? And you are now seating down and say you have reached ceasefire with us, with who? That your infidel Danladi Ahmadu, if he is our hands today he will not pass the day because we will slight his throat. When did we even know him? Who is Danladi in this world? Allah is the knower of everything.

Because of this, there is no any ceasefire or dialogue with anyone instead it is a war with beating and killings, and guns that we are hungry for like food with Maggi cubes. We are on course; our focus and determination is to see that only Quran is being use in running the world, with Allah this is what we put ahead of us.

That President Idris Deby of Chad and one Ambassador of Nigeria, with Cameroon that we are doing ceasefire, where did they see us? Your white man from Germany is with us presently, he is crying and if we like we will cut him into pieces, or gun him down. We are not afraid of anyone except Allah; this is our job.
Who have freed girls from Chibok whom we abducted in their school? Those girls that Shekau abducted and took them to place of his choice about six months today. Allah passed infidels; Allah is ahead of America, Allah is ahead of a plane called drone, nonsense, Allah is supreme ahead of everyone.

If parents of Chibok girls will know the condition of their children, they will not be worry; it is either to be with their conversion to Islam or you die with pains. You don’t know that the over 200 Chibok girls have convert to Islam, they have memorized several sections of Quran, they have finished in the midst of John, Luka and others, they have realized that Christians have filled old testament with lies.

Small girl from Chibok insisting that Islam is the true religion, just form six. We have married them off, and they are in the house of their husbands. To hurt people is Shekau, they are saying Shekau is a throne; it is me Shekau whose father is Muhammadu, Shekau the man that hurts infidels, staying in the world will be difficult for you, you are just misbehaving in the world.

Who created you? We have not done any ceasefire with anyone; we did not, we did not do ceasefire with Chad, we did not do same with Cameroon and we did not do same with Niger and Nigeria. We did not do same with Ambassador of Chad, and we did not do any dialogue with Africa. We did not do same with Europe and Asia; we did not do with America and the useless United Nations of nonsense.

We did not, who is dialogue? It is a lie; it is a lie, we will not do it, Allah said no to it. We are working with Quran, and no infidel will threaten us. You lacked what to do; you want to please your leaders, and you are lying, the likes of Solomon Darlung, Abdullahi Wase, the likes of Senator Ndume. The people are tired, whether you like it or not we are working for others to convert Islam.

What is my business with you? Me that left my parents in our house; I left my mother and father. I came out to team up with those that want to promote Islam; you are just deceiving people with ceasefire.

It is with a single knife that I started and today with more than 20 vehicles I ceased from you, and they are saying Shekau is not a person but a special name. I greet you SSS; I greet you that went to study in Israel, I greet you a member of psychology origin; I greet you descendants of biology. I greet you fools that pledge to Nigeria.

You pledge to Nigeria your country, I  Shekau pledge to Allah my God. If you don’t know, today you will know, I pledge to Allah to be faithful. This is Shekau, nonsense like you people. This is my brief talk; this one is okay for you, and you should convert to Allah and follow Quran.

You are unlucky to have missed Quran and stopping those doing it; it is a lie anyone that refuse will see.


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