Tuesday, 30 December 2014

News Release: World Pastors’ Forum Commission

Apostle Sunday Igbalaloju
World Pastors’ Forum Commission is a global spiritual platform for the empowerment of pastors, families, leaders, churches, unmarried singles, governments and the nations across different denominations around the world based on the voice of God. It is an independent platform meant to challenge, correct, impart, empower, rekindle and to provide leverage for pastors, families, unmarried singles, churches, governments and the nations as well as to bring many to the place of repentance. The Commission is hosting World Pastors ’ Forum Ingathering around the World nationally or statewide for all round empowerment with award prizes for  pastors who have distinguished themselves in one area of ministry or the other as a way of encouragement.

The Commission is addressing critical cases such as spiritual and social issues confronting pastors, families, unmarried singles, churches, governments and the nations around the world with prayers, divine instructions, intercession, ministrations, counsel, and the truth of the gospel alongside with our national and international pastoral team. With our supernatural position in God, we are sent to help the destiny of men and women addressing terminal and averting tragedy cases. (Col 1:28) As a commission, we are on the move to the Third World Nations for the spiritual, social and financial empowerment of pastors, leaders, families, unmarried singles, governments and the churches to secure a place not bound by fear and ignorance but mentally and spiritually liberated by action on sound teaching of God’s word fighting injustice and unrighteousness. Likewise with sound teaching of the word of God, the following concepts can be changed around the world; the worship of nature while devaluing human life, the promotion of “family values” while destroying traditional marriage, the purposeless materialism at the expense of personal character, the promotion of individual right without promoting a sense of duty towards others, the promotion of religion without recognition of God’s sovereignty and the promotion of good deeds without morality.   

7 Pillars Of Our Commission Include:
Our operation is within the seven pillars of our commission which are: (1) All round empowerment (2) Steps repositioning mandate (3) Leadership and character development  (4) Eternity in view (5) Rekindling spiritual & ministerial fire  (6) Relationship building for mutual benefits (7) Personal and ministerial growth.

The Objectives Are:
(1)To promote kingdom and national transformation through understanding of the role of the gospel in national development (2) To challenge pastors and the gospel preachers to keep building a God fearing, love sharing, and truth sharing people that will eventually lead to a God fearing nation, emphasizing character development. (3) To redefine life and ministry for many gospel preachers and pastors (4) To promote love, undiluted truth, relationship building, empowerment, encouragement, capacity building, ministerial growth, leadership and character development (5) To promote heaven on earth experience in many families, churches, and to lead many pastors and leaders to the place of repentance, having eternity in mind. (6)To lead nations and the institutions spiritually addressing challenges, demonic activities in the place of prayer, interceding for those facing critical challenges around the world and to strengthen the government for the endowment of the spirit of wisdom in the place of decision.

And finally, on Friday following Pastors’ Forum Ingathering in any nation, the commission sets the stage for Praise and Worship Night Concert tagged: Hallelujah Concert, nationally or statewide with prophetic release and breakthrough dance.

This is the summary of the mandate of World Pastors’ Forum Commission. Send us a gift; sow a seed to support the commission. Partner with us. Write to us or call:

Apostle Sunday Igbalaloju
WPFC President
PO BOX 6503
Tel: +2348183789313

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