Tuesday, 16 December 2014

U-Report: Why Labour Party Nigeria Is Considering Fmr. Gov. Alao-Akala As Candidate


Report By Elechi Jude

 The Labour party has said that there was nothing strange in Alao Akala clinching the gubernatorial ticket of Labour party in Oyo State.  This was contained in a statement issued by the National Secretary of the Party, Barrister Kayode Ajulo.

“It is just a matter of water eventually finding its level. The issues must be put in correct perspective. It is not enough to limit ourselves to mere tooth picking analysis or fixated social media opinion.

“When we take the case of Akala, for instance, it will be recalled that during his tenure as Governor of Oyo State, he carried along the workers in the various unions, including the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Teachers, Market Women, Civil Societies, etc. While other governors in states controlled by supposedly progressive and pro-people party placed embargo on employment and were not ready to implement minimum wage, Akala employed more workers and did not denigrate the position of the working class.

“Equally important is the fact that Akala did not just get the Labour ticket in Oyo State on a platter of gold or for the asking. It was not also a matter giving the ticket to the highest bidder. Akala worked his way rigorously and painstakingly up the ladder. He was endorsed by all those who matter in the party after a thorough check on his renewed commitment to the cause of the common man. He indeed had the support of other aspirants who acknowledged his worth and surrendered everything to him.
Barrister Ajulo further said that it is not surprising that politicians leaving other parties are coming to Labour party. It is a party with potentials. “As we have always maintained in the past, our party is the natural constituency of many grassroots politicians and they have merely strayed to those other larger, winning parties, which can use all sorts of gimmicks to entice them. It is therefore only natural for them to want to come back home when reality dawns on them.

Akala is a grassroots politician, was a civil servant, and then became Chairman of a Local government, Deputy Governor and Governor, he has seen it all and he can with politicians of sound pedigree.
“In fact the leadership of the party is currently inundated with requests by politicians from the so-called large parties, who have either been betrayed or shortchanged and are seeking credible platform on which to blossom and achieve their objective of truly transforming the polity. Some of our leaders have left their usual abode in order to avoid the deluge of politicians. They are coming in slews, seeking succour from injustice, seeking refuge from backstabbing, and seeking hope in a political future free from money mongering and selfish greed. This is an acknowledgement that the Labour Party is the last hope of the people.

Of course, this does not mean that as they come we will open our doors to them. No. We are very careful, not to herd our sheep with a pack of wolves. They are being screened, and only those found worthy will pass through. We will never compromise our principles, our perspectives and programmes. Furthermore, they must sign an agreement to pursue pro-people policies, just like Governor Mimiko did when he joined the Labour Party. Remember Mimiko came from PDP and no governor in Nigeria could be compared with him in implementation of pro-people policies.

 “Ordinarily, Labour should be the ruling party or the main party, as we have in the United Kingdom, and not just one of the opposition. In Nigeria most aspiring politicians often find themselves in the parties they consider as the ones with prospect to win in their own locality. Ideally principles and programmes of a party, its manifesto, should determine its membership. But in Nigeria a lot of primordial considerations come to the fore. Only very few parties indeed have clear-cut ideology. Labour is one of such parties founded on principle.

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