Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Article: Imo State House Of Comedians

Speaker Ben Uwajimogu  

By Kenneth Uwadi
The formation of a 6 man panel by the Imo State House of Assembly to investigate the allegations of corruption leveled against the Speaker of the House is all over the news. Ordinarily the announcement of this 6 man panel months after we called for  it should have been  received with joy considering the negative impacts which corruption has on the masses living standard. However going by the details of the membership of the probe panel our joy is not complete. Indeed the details  of the membership of the probe panel again shows how deceitful and insensitive the Uwajumogu’s House leadership are.   
 I condemn in strongest terms  the  nomination of   Hon Barrister Ikenna Emeh as  the  Committee Chairman  of the probe panel . Hon Emeh we all know  is the bosom friend of the Speaker  Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu. I  regard the nomination of Hon Emeh as Chairman as a grand plan by Uwajumogu to  cover his tracks on the alleged looting of Imo monies. I observe that the Speaker’s office has  been unable to provide concrete points  to deny the  hard facts  on the Speaker’s looting of  Imo monies  rather they have resorted  to name callings. Even the comments, actions  and body language of  some  of the members of the House of Assembly tend towards a cover-up for the Speaker. The Speaker’s media aide Emeka Ahaneku is  a misfit media aide. He should go and learn public relations from the CPS to the Imo State Deputy Governor Uche Onwuchekwa and even from the CPS to the Governor of Imo State Sam Onwuemedo. Uche and Sam are doing well projecting the image of their boss.
I say boldly that setting up a probe panel to investigate you with your bosom friend as chairman clearly underline the fact that the exercise is  nothing more than a hoax, a big make-belief. A plan to give the Speaker a clean bill of health. It is also comical to see Hon Stan Dara as member of a committee that will investigate allegations against the Speaker and himself. I say boldly that the Rt Hon Benjamin  Uwajumogu’s  probe panel is  no more than a smokescreen to divert attention from the monumental and unprecedented corruption in the Imo House of Assembly. It is a momentary sensation meant to deceive the public. It insults  the intelligence of Imolites  and those of us who called  for a probe of the Speaker.
 Some of the members of this  kangaroo panel are  morally lacking to initiate any manner of investigation much less a probe against Mr. Speaker  and they have  over time behaved like rubber stamp, in fact more or less like zombies . In effect  I  say boldly that this particular  probe panel members cannot  look Mr. Uwajumogu in the face and come out with the truth. I therefore call the probe panel a comedy panel ,a Papa Ajasco  one for that matter.To me, Uwajumogu  is a capitalist non performing speaker  who supervised the sack of 10,000 Imolites, I mean our Imo 10,000 brothers and sisters. This  big-time pen robber at the helms of Imo House of Assembly  having run our youths out of jobs went ahead to loot our monies via road contract scam. He should step aside and  allow the house members on their own to set up a panel to  investigate him. This panel to me is like a Nollywood movie where the end can be easily predicted from the beginning. The  Speaker, under the rules of natural justice, cannot be a judge in his  own case. When Patricia Etteh was involved in 628million naira  contract scandal, what happened? She was asked to step aside. Even Chuba  Okadigbo  was asked to step aside.
 I cannot be  intimidated by the Imo House of Assembly to stop speaking my mind. I will continue to speak out. I recently made a peep into certain aspects of the House by showing some pictures of properties fraudulently acquired by the Speaker and some members of the House. Also I displayed pictures of some roads that he(Speaker) awarded  to his company Werdis Limited . I told you that  Lake Nwaebere Street in Aladinma Housing Estate was poorly rehabilitated by  him  via his company Werdis Limited. He collected millions of naira and did a poor job. I told you that Mbano Street (road 17) Aladinma Housing Estate by NYSC office was poorly rehabilitated by his company as well as New Road 1 with  bridge leading to Concorde Hotel from JPROSS  road .Another road located at opposite St. Peters Anglican  Church Ikenegbu Layout by Fano Hotels was also poorly executed by Uwajumogu’s company after collecting millions of naira.I told you that over 3 billion naira has been looted and carted away by the Speaker  via road contract scam and that he used the money he got from the road contracts scams  to acquire eye popping mansions in Nigeria. I did show you some pictures of  some  of his properties in Owerri and will show you more pictures both in Owerri and outside Owerri soon amongst several breath-taking evidences  of heavy  looting.
The few pictures that I released are " mere tip of the iceberg". In essence, I want you to know that the mind boggling revelations of corruption and misdeeds of the Speaker is also tied to  the gangster looting members of the House Committee on  State And Rural Roads Monitoring. The House members show of anger against my disclosure is a bold face conduct of incorruptible crooks. Onye Nwere Nti Nya Nuru
(Uwadi writes from Mmahu-Egbema , Imo State, Nigeria)