Thursday, 25 September 2014

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News Release: Edward Snowden's Reaction To The Right Livelihood Award 2014

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden says in a 1:40 minute clip:
"Being named a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award for my work in revealing the global system of mass surveillance that is monitoring all of us in secret without the consent of the public is a vindication, I think, not just for myself but for everyone who came before me to raise awareness about these issues. Any contribution that I have made has been a result of the efforts of so many other people working in journalism, in activism, in human rights community, the civil liberties community, the technical communities, who recognized long before I did what was coming and why it was so important to stop it. Now, initially I thought I would be setting out to do this alone and that the attacks against me would isolate me, but I am surrounded by more people than I ever have been. People from countries around the world, who speak many different languages, but who recognize that the meaning of resisting the violations of our freedoms that we see today is not that we have something to hide, but that we have something to protect - our rights. Because the list of freedoms that any society enjoys is always equal to those that we are ready to defend. On behalf of so many around the world, who have risked their lives and their freedom to resist unlawful and disproportional mass surveillance, I would like to thank you.”

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Videonews: Edward Snowden's Reaction To The Right Livelihood Award 2014