Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Article: Where Did Fmr. Gov. Kalu Go Wrong Against Gov. Orji?

Fmr. Gov. Kalu (L) and Gov. Orji

By Olaniyi Olanike
In two separate series, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu who was former Governor of Abia State, published an essay titled, “My stewardship as Abia governor (1999-2007)”. It was published in The Sun editions of September 13, 2014 and 20, 2014. What has lured me to join my voice in the lucid expository treatises of the dude is that till this moment he published the article, some persons who had been deafening our ears with blackmails and vilifications of Kalu’s personality have all covered their faces in shame. 

Article: Leave TB Joshua Alone

T.B Joshua

By Sunny Ikhioya

I have followed the series of reactions trailing the disaster at the Synagogue Church of all Nations with a sense of shock and disbelief. It is as if some people have been waiting in the wings for the man of God to fail, forgetting that he is a mortal indeed, like the rest of us. No human can be God, so we must make our comments with a great sense of responsibility, in the spirit of fairness and objectivity.