Sunday, 19 October 2014

Article: Weapons Of Mass Deception In The Church (Part 2)

Rufus Kayode Oteniya

In the first part (, I started with introduction of the topic by examining how the Church has derailed and slipped from the glorious past to an unenviable position that it is today and I promised to start looking at the different weapons deployed in the mass deception and destruction of the Church by the leaders and the congregants alike.

Article: Weapons Of Mass Destruction/Deception In The Church (Part 1)

Rufus Kayode Oteniya                          

This piece particularly has nothing to do with the present $9.3m money laundering scandal involving the president of The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and his private jet but a well-thought-out topic that is part of a project that I’m currently working on.