Friday, 26 December 2014

News Release: Credibility & Security Challenges Facing The National Register Of Voters & The 2015 General Elections In Nigeria

Elections are credible when they are premised on quantitative and qualitative National Register of Voters. The quantitative nature of the National Register of Voters fundamentally means a demographic and electoral arrangement whereby as many as grown up citizens notwithstanding their sex, tribe, religion or socio-economic status; particularly the active segment of the general population (18 to 65 years) are captured and documented using manual and ICT applications for the purpose of voting and electing their representatives in a general election in Nigeria or any part thereof on the basis of free representative democracy.

Special Report: Africa, A Blessed Continent Ruined By Dictatorship & Tyranny

(Being presentation made at the 2014 World Human Rights Declaration Anniversary organized by Intersociety, supported by the G8 Rights Groups & Anambra state Rights/CSO Activists Forum held at the Knights of St Mulumba Headquarters, Onitsha, Nigeria, 21st December 2014)