Saturday, 17 January 2015

News Release: General Buhari Must Produce His certificates


It has become clear  to the PDP Resurgent Group  that Gen Muhammadu Buhari does not and has never possessed the minimum educational qualification required to contest or become the President of Nigeria.

In the space provided on the INEC form for insertion of qualifications both in his previously contested elections Gen. Buhari left the portion for qualification blank and INEC illegally connived with this criminal scam. He was able to get away with this breach in 2003, 2007 and 2011.
In 2015, as the country moves firmly in the direction of upholding the rule of law, Gen Buhari must be compelled to produce his secondary school certificate as required by the Nigerian Constitution and in order to be eligible to contest in the 2015 election cycle.  

This is a monumental deconstruction of a man who has predicated his leadership on the desire to instil discipline, stamp out corruption and uphold the rule of law. This also runs contrary to Decree 20 of 1984 promulgated during the General’s tenure as Nigeria’s Head of State.
We are puzzled that Gen Buhari, is exhibiting the typical  Nigerian politician’s behavior by  by using diversionary tactics  and publishing an "Oluwole" photograph of himself attending  school in 1958 and yet finds it difficult to approach the office of the military secretary to retrieve his "certificates" which he swore were available there.The military authorities have said they don't keep the originals and the duplicates they have can be made available to owners on application within 24 hours.
To allow General Buhari to get away with this major scandal is to give the impression that NIgeria's version of George Orwell's Animal Farm where all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

The Former Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Salisu Buhari in 1999 forged certificates in his plot to ascend to the position of Speaker. He was discovered and kicked out in disgrace.

Also in 2009,the Court of Appeal nullified the victory of an AC Representative Tunde Isiaq from Ibeju-Lekki in Lagos over certificate forgery.
Gen Buhari got away with participation in the 2011 elections and previous elections, without providing evidence of possessing the minimum educational qualification for the position he so desperately seeks in 2015. Therefore, in compliance with the Federal Constitution and the Law , INEC must compel Gen Buhari to show documentary evidence that he attended secondary school.
If he failed to do so, he must be disqualified and prosecuted for violating the laws in his previous outings as a presidential candidate. This is not too much to do against a man who executed three young Nigerians for a crime that did not attract capital punishment when they committed the offense.
Nigerians can now see clearly that the whole anti-corruption profile of Buhari over the years is pure wax over the defects in his character. The ease with which he flows with some of the most corrupt elements in the polity has brought out the real man hiding behind pseudo-integrity over the years.

Femi Lawson.
Publicity Secretary,
PDP Resurgent Group.

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