Monday, 26 January 2015

News Release: Jega’s Plot To Rig Nigeria’s 2015 General Election, A Call For Vigilance.


The National Democratic Vanguard (NDV) want to use this medium to call the attention of Nigerians and the International Community to the continuous attempt by the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC Professor Attahiru Jega to manipulate the outcome of the 2015 General election in Nigeria.
His first attempt at perpetrating the plot was his unilateral decision to create 31,000 new polling units majority of which were to be located in the Northeast and Northwest zones of Nigeria, his region of origin where his present manipulation emanates from. This was brought to a halt after public outcry by the Civil Society and the Nigerian public.

It is also alarming that the INEC boss has repeatedly misinformed Nigerians on the success of the distribution of the Permanent Voters Card PVc. From all indication this has been largely regarded as a failure because of INEC’s inability to provide the PVCs for many eligible registered voters. Moreover, the lop-sidedness in the distribution of the PVCs has further confirmed our fear with the unusual higher percentage of PVCs distributed in the Northern part of the country; particularly in the North Eastern region where insurgency has taken its toll. Most States in this region are reported to have collected over 80percent of PVCs in preparation for the election while States in the Southern and North Central zones have only recorded less than 53 percent on the average.

Technical information also suggest that there is an ongoing attempt by the INEC to use the card readers to disenfranchise eligible voters in certain parts of the country in order to manipulate the election in favour of Prof. Jega’s preferred political party, the  APC. Already it is on record that investigations by the DSS show that the APC has hacked into INEC’s data base and cloned unspecified number of PVCs in furtherance of its rigging plot. The cloning further proves that the APC must be working in consent of Jega’s insiders in INEC with the intention of denying the authentic and original owners of the PVCs their right to vote in the 2015 elections.

It is important for Nigerians to be aware that all statistics so far being reeled out by Jega’s INEC are based on the number of cards delivered to the commission by the card printer and not on the basis of the total number of registered voters in the country.

Several reasons have compounded our fear on the credibility of Prof. Jega to give Nigeria a credible election in 2015. It is heard on good authority that shortly after the 2011 General Election, Prof. Jega in company of his wife and Mother inlaw were denied entry on a private visit to Saudi Arabia for his decision to announce a Christian (Dr. Goodluck Jonathan) as winner of the 2011 Nigeria election against a Muslim candidate (Gen. Muhammadu Buhari). We challenge Prof. Jega to deny this as we are prepared to come out with further proof of his strong ties to the opposition political party in Nigeria.

May we use this medium to challenge Professor Jega to give Nigerians a deserved response to the following posers?

1 Rather than follow due process of handling PVCs over to individual registered voters, that PVCs were handed over in bulk to village heads in the North west and Northeast zones of the country which is responsible for the unusually high percentage of PVC collection in these two zones.

2 Evidence of high percentage of disenfranchisement of registered voters whose cards were delivered to places where they neither registered nor lived.

3 It has also become the practice of Prof. Jega in recent times to speak from all sides of the mouth as in the case of the readiness of INEC to conduct elections in the North Eastern part of Nigeria as evident in his contradictory statements as reflected in media reports of January 14th Premium Times and 22nd Vanguard 2015.

4 The dishonesty of Prof. Jega’s INEC in telling Nigerians to pick up their PVCs at the Ward levels while in the reality, there are neither the staff of INEC nor the cards available at such places for collection.

5 INEC has not categorically produced any plan on how it intends to conduct elections at the camps of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) considering that till date, there has not been any public position on the distribution of PVCs to the IDPs in order to ensure their eligibility to participate in the elections.

6 That we challenge Professor Jega to deny the allocation of annual Hajj slots to him by the Lagos State government over the years as a result of his in-house relationship with the APC.

In view of these worrisome revelations, we make bold to ask who is Jega serving; the APC or the Nigerian People? Is he doing this because of his scheduled terminal leave ahead of retirement? Is this why he seeks to remain in control in order to execute the agreement with the APC before he leaves?
We say that this election is about Nigeria.

We hereby call on Nigerians to be vigilant and rise in unison to call Prof. Jega to orderto prevent the desperate moves to truncate Democracy in Nigeria.


Comrade Michael Asukwo
Publicity Secretary,
National Democratic Vanguard

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