Friday, 13 February 2015

News Release: Nigerian-American Leadership Council Tasks Stakeholders To Maintain Sanctity Of New Elections Schedule

The Nigerian-American Leadership Council (NALC) has just concluded a high-stakes briefing session in Washington, DC; pursuant to the recent postponement of Nigeria’s National elections, which was originally scheduled for February 14, 2015.

The Council considers this election to be a critical part of Nigeria’s political evolution.  Therefore this Council expects that the stakeholders from both the incumbent Party the PDP, and the opposition Party the APC, along with the smaller parties, will maintain the necessary decorum, for free, fair and credible polls, on the new electoral date of March 28, 2015.

This Council celebrates the current robust political climate in Nigeria, because the environment should give rise to an issues-based campaign, and not mud-slinging, threats, or distractions. 

The Executive Director of the Council Samuel Okey Mbonu also advised the various presidential candidates in this election to “remain calm and steady, in the face of minor provocations, as the test of a candidate’s capacity to govern the entire Nigeria will largely depend on how they handle crisis in this electioneering season.”

The Council wishes to restate it’s goodwill to the people of Nigeria, and urges the electorate to be vigilant in guarding their votes, and to totally refrain from endangering their lives on the account of any politician.  This Council also urges the security services to refrain from any entreaties to intimidate any candidates on behalf of another.


S. Walter,
Media Relations,
Nigerian-American Leadership Council (NALC)   
1701 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 300, NW Washington, DC 20006  
Tel: 202 379-2848, 

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