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Article: Let Gov. Rochas Okorocha Leave (Part 3)

Gov. Rochas Okorocha

By Kenneth Uwadi

Last time I talked about Ibe one of the 10,000 Imo graduates that governor Rochas Okorocha sacked who now sells recharge cards in Owerri. Ibe was looking very hungry and haggard when I saw him. He was clearly traumatized by the impossible condition in which he struggles to exist each day. He appeared so elated when he saw me. His face creased into an awful gesture, which he probably meant to be a smile. Some of Okorocha’s boys sent me mails lambasting me over the story. For God’s sake this young man , too, is an Imolite. Like you and I. He and other graduates were given jobs only for governor Okorocha to come into power in 2011 and sack them for no reason. This is wickedness.

Imo State government recently sponsored Nda Bob Njemanze to go to Hot FM to say that the process of selecting the 10,000 jobs were flawed and that was why the poor graduates were sacked. To a people addicted to the tragic luxury of self-delusion, truth hurts badly. But then, truth always refuses to go away. It lingers around to perpetually taunt and haunt those that loathe and despise its face. Now, the truth we can never afford to deny today is that the employment of the 10,000 was approved by the State House of Assembly and the State Civil Service Commission. The recruitment was conducted through due process. Advertisement was placed in national newspapers. There are laid down Civil Service rules to follow, for God’s sake, in sacking of any Civil Servant and Rochas did not follow these rules.
We all know that Governor Okorocha’s government is sustained on a foundation of undiluted and unintelligently concocted lies. For saying that the process of selecting the 10,000 jobs were flawed, Nda Bob Njemanze himself has already got the lying bug. I see that Dr Kelechi Okpalaeke too has got this bug. Why would Dr Okpalaeke and Nda Bob wake up one day and decide to allow everything good, noble, edifying and lovely about them to flow down the drain just like that simply because they want to be part of the failed government of Okorocha .
Why would they see a clear tragedy and embrace it with beaming smiles. How they would sell the overly unattractive Okorocha’s regime to Imo people is what I wonder. What new lie will they tell us about a regime majority have, for very good reasons, already written off as irredeemable and a never-do-well.Okorocha’s regime has done nothing but inundate us with countless empty promises, bored and over-sickened everyone with overdose of talk-talk and lie-lie.
I strongly believe that Okorocha will be voted out come April 2015 and I believe that whoever comes in as our new governor will probe him and his partner in crime Mr Benjamin Uwajumogu. In 2010, Benjamin Uwajumogu whose fathers hotels he was running had failed, was practically a poor man, and he did not hide it. He borrowed money from Chief Atan Achonu and Greg Egu for his 2011 election. One of his closest aides had even told the world that what the man had in his account then was only N100,000.
But now, as Speaker of Imo House of Assembly he has several properties in Nigeria such as : N500 million naira Asphalt plant along Onitsha road Owerri,15 mansions along Chief Ben Uwajumogu Street, Federal Housing Estate Umuguma Owerri - West LGA, Jasmine Hotels and Suites behind Imo Concorde Hotel valued at over N70 million, over 200 plots of land located in Owerri West LGA,N400million naira Mansion at Ihitte /Uboma,2 other mansions at Ihitte/Uboma, Mansions in Aba and Umuahia,N760 million naira Crush Rock Industry in Ebonyi State,N500 million naira private hotel in Abuja,N750 million naira private hotel in Lagos. Even the Imo State liason office in Abuja was sold to him for N70 million naira which he has since converted to his private hotel.
This man is a bigger thief than Mr. Audu Mustapha. You remember Audu? His story came under several newspaper headings some years back such as , “Cow Thief Bags 12yrs Jail,” “Audu Mustapha jailed 12 years”, ”Man who stole cow gets 12 years jail,” etc. The news report said that an Oshogbo Magistrate Court presided over by Mrs. Ayo Ajeigbe sentenced a certain Mr. Audu Mustapha to 12 years imprisonment for stealing a cow belonging to one Julie Idi. The estimated cost of the cow was N60, 000. The police had accused Mustapha of selling the cow and using the proceeds to purchase a small truck.
I did not follow up with that story. Audu Mustapha could be in one of our dilapidated and uninhabitable prison houses enduring the just recompense of his grave sin against the State. Audu only stole a cow but Thief Rochas and Thief Uwajumogu have rob the whole of Imo State of billions of naira’s including over 175 billion naira council funds and over 16 billion naira funds belonging to Imo State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (ISOPADEC).
Unfortunately for us these thieves have not been disgraced yet . The first has immunity clause covering him until he is out of office while the other is using his position as Speaker and his ill-gotten wealth to keep the eyes of the law away from him. Both men are dinning and wining with other ‘highly dishonorable’ Imo House of Assembly lawmakers and are being invited regularly to chair high profile events in Imo. Some of their colleagues in criminal accumulation such as Jude Ejiogu and Uche Nwosu are still out there throwing expensive parties and hobnobbing with some girls of cheap virtue while 10,000 Imo graduates that they sacked from the Civil Service since 2011 are in pains and hunger.
If you talk against them they come after you. If you try to protest against them in Owerri they send thugs after you. Thugs were sent after widows who protested in Owerri, thugs also beat up a Journalist recently and disrupted the political debated for Governorship candidates organized by the Catholic Church and beat up some Reverend Fathers.
Samuelson Iwuoha an aide to Imo Speaker is still in jail since June 2014 at the orders of Uwajumogu who threatened to kill him for exposing his shady deals. I am still asking these questions: Who killed Pastor Emmanuel Adoba, an aide to Imo Speaker. He was butchered in August 2012. Who killed Mr Kingsley Nkemka, another aide to Imo Speaker? He was assassinated in September 2014. Who killed Mr Chidi in protocol department of Imo Speaker. He was killed in September 2012. Who also killed Talk Na Do, a Commissioner in the Imo State House of Assembly. We should not forget that Samuelson Iwuoha escaped assassination! God is watching!
(Uwadi writes from Mmahu Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria)

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