Friday, 6 March 2015

Article: The Need To Use Individual Performance To Assess Campaign Rallies For Issue Based

By Comrade Henry O. Nwaigwe

The ward campaign rally hosted at Ohuru Community Central School field by people’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Friday February 27, 2015. Was better described as one of the worst outing in the history of campaign rallies since 2015 election preparation by political parties. While I was absent, those that I sent to attend in order to observe the atmosphere and what the self-acclaimed political bigwigs in Ndoki Ukwa East had to tell the people who came in fraction in order to hear what they had in stock for 16 years of wasted democracy in the entire Abia State.

The like of chief Emeka stanley from Obohia Ndoki, Hon.Asiforo Okere from Ohuru Ndoki, Hon. Uzoma Abonta from Akwete-Ndoki, chief Ibe Okata from Akirikaukwu-Ndoki, senator Adolfus Nwagbara-Ohambele-Ndoki,chief I. N. Ahunaya form Ohuru-Ndoki, and so on. should be described in this form: Chief Emeka Stanley, has held several political and elective positions from 1999 till date. First, between 1999 and 2003, he was a House of Assembly member representing Ukwa East constituency during which he served as acting speaker. In 2003, his ambition to go for higher elective position of House of Representative made him to cede his re-election on House of assembly to Hon. Asiforo Okere. Upon his failure to secure PDP ticket for House of Representative, he returned back to contest for House of Assembly under PDP but was denied ticket making him to adopt Alliance for Democracy (AD) but lost in the general elections. Thereafter, he was appointed commissioner for works by Governor Orji Uzor Kalu. In 2007, he contested for House of Representative under progressive people’s Alliance (PPA) and won but was remove in court after one and a half year by Hon. Uzoma Nkem Abonta who contested under people’s Democracy party (PDP). In July 2009, he was appointed a pioneer Ukwa representative in the board of Abia State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (ASOPADEC) and later, was upgraded to replace the Chairman (Chief Sam Nwaogu) who resigned for the position of Abia State Commissioner in the board of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). The position he holds till date. Now the question is: Can Chief Emeka Stanley be proud or bold enough to tell the Ukwa East people what he was able to achieve or attract from 1999 till date with all these lucrative political opportunities? Chief Emeka Stanley was expected to tell the audience who came to use the opportunity the campaign ground provided to hear from him as one of the political party leaders in Ukwa East double as campaign director Ukwa East chapter. The people were eager to know why at least the road across his compound can not be fixed before talking of the adjourning areas.

I think the only way to measure a man and drum support for him is by scoring his achievements using personal or official opportunities considering the duration of such political privileges. It is obvious that with the indicators, Chief Emeka Stanley has failed Ukwa East people and therefore, has no moral right or justification to showcase or campaign for any candidate. Of-cause, we know that PDP as a political party, has no shame otherwise, a man who has failed his generation for 16 years, was better placed to apologize than to continue in struggle to foist himself on the uninterested electorates. Hon. Asiforo Okere, is presently the deputy speaker Abia state House of Assembly. Until this position, he joined politics in 2003 with house of Assembly membership representing Ukwa East constituency. Concurrently, he has spent 12 years as a lawmaker and 5 years as deputy speaker. Unfortunately, he was forced to drop his fourth term ambition by the same people he is presently campaign for. Hon. Alwel Asiforo Okere who every body had expected to make his campaign support speech an issue based, at least, to convince his audience with what he was able to achieve in 12 years of legislative service, failed to point at one thing expect a renovated community hall built by Ohuru community in 1988. Rather than apologize to the people for failing woefully, he was busy criticizing All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and its members not knowing that the platform under which he contested and won for three times, is gradually collapsing. Hon. Alwel Asiforo Okere failed to tell People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that he was the wrong person to use as Abia south campaign Director given that he has nothing on ground to drum support for any PDP candidate as the major electricity projects include the one he is presently enjoying were attracted to his community by Non-governmental individuals during his service years as legislator.

Hon. Uzoma Nkem Abonta, is the current house of representative member representing Ukwa East and Ukwa West constituencies. He joined active politics in 2007 after serving as personal assistant (PA) to Sen. Adolfus  Nwagbara. He was ably supported by Sen. Adolfus to reclaim his mandate in 2007 using court. Currently, he is serving out his second term and at the same time, seeking for third term on the platform of PDP. His lack of coherency and sponsoring of people oriented bill coupled with abandonment of constituency projects has underrated his performance this is why he lacks the rectitude to drive his point home. Hon. Abonta in his campaign speech was not able to point at one viable community driven project executed in Ohuru and Mkporobe communities for eight (8) years of federal legislature services. Chief Ibe Okata, is the current PDP chairman of Ukwa East local government Area who found favor in the benevolence of chief Christ Nkwonta who offered him a car jeep and leg treatment. He will need an extra ordinary experte to rally people’s support to vote for the under-performed PDP candidates seeking for reelection. Senator Adolfus Nwagbara is the former senator representing Abia South senatorial district between 1999 to 2007. During this period, he was a senate president but was removed along the line as a result of corrupt allegation preferred against him by president Obasanjo. His performance in the senate as well as representation to his district was regarded as the worst in the history of Nigeria’s democracy hence nothing is on ground to remember for his senatorial services except corrupt allegations. Base on this, his presence in campaign rallies is contributing to cause disaffection between the people and PDP candidates he supports. Chief I.N. Ahunaya, joined politics in 1979 as ward secretary National Party of Nigeria (NPN) since then, he has been in active party politics as in one time or the other, he has been appointed a local government chairman. Infact, between 1999 to 2011, he was the Ukwa East local government party chairman of PDP and PPA respectively. Presently, he is Abia State PDP financial secretary. He is the oldest amongst of all of them in politics and Age. Considering his age and the long period invested in politics, he was supposed to quit settling for an elder Statesman. Incidentally, with all these opportunities, little or nothing has been attracted or achieved as he parades the worst environmentally deprived community in Ukwa East Government Area. These men described above, gathered in Ohuru Community on the date earlier mentioned to woo the electorates to vote for PDP Candidates. While I am not against voting for any candidate provided he/ she is credible, i still maintain that campaign and voting, should be issue based. If you are seeking for re- election make yourself saleable by convincing people with your performance while in office .Those coming out to contest for the first time should ensure they have track record or good antecedents. Campaign ground should provide a forum where performance and issue based shall drive the process of attracting voters. Campaign ground should not be a forum where destructive criticism of political parties and attack on persons should be the other of the day. Except the PDP campaign team in Ukwa East local government changes its mode of electioneering campaign by telling the people what they have done with hitch free political opportunities they acquired over the years, it will be difficult to win even in their kitchen.

(Nwaigwe is Coordinator, Abia Rescue Movement (ARM). He writes from Ohuru-Ndoki Community Ukwa East LGA Abia State. He can be reached via: 08062836738)                                                               

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