Thursday, 12 March 2015

Special Report: What Gov. Okorocha Said About APGA During The 2012 APGA Convention In London

 (Transcribed By Barr. Emperor N. Iwuala)

“… When the cock crows, it is a reminder that the time has come. When you see this cock (which is the symbol of APGA), it is simply a wake-up call for Ndigbo… Igbos must get to the top and that is why we support APGA. APGA is not a political party but a religion and every Igboman… is APGA. “O wu ejiri mara Ndigbo” (an identity for the Igbos). “O wu ejiri sopuru Ndigbo” (symbol of respect for the Igbos). I believe that in 2015, the political sun will rise from the East…. So, do not be dismayed, discourage or distracted…. We shall rise… we are on the move. In 2015, the entire South East will be APGA; Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu will be APGA. APGA is not just an Igbo party. It is only a tree that started from Igbo land that will grow and cover other parts of Nigeria….

‘The book of Ezekiel says that at the appointed time, I will bring you (Ndigbo) from the four corners of the earth and give you singleness of heart; and that is APGA. All we are saying is that APGA must be an independent party and must not associate with any political party without terms and conditions defined…

‘We are happy that you have started this APGA UK. Please spread the news all over…. We have come to uplift your minds. I want all APGA to walk tall with shoulders high because our time has come….

‘…our party is a serious party and PDP is shaking. ACN is shaking. Most of these political parties have no vision. The vision of those political parties is how to remain in power for the next sixty years. There is a difference between politicians and leaders. While politicians think of the next election leaders think of the next generation. APGA produces leaders. APGA does not produce politicians. But against everything, it is a disciplined party. We (APGA) are not begging for members…. In APGA, there is no politics; we talk of governance…. In other parties, they talk politics all the way. Everything is politicized.

‘So we want to appeal to you (Igbos in UK) to please join APGA today if you have not joined. Be proud of APGA and when we say “kokorokooooo” (cock crow), you say “chi abola” (it is dawn).

‘The hour has come to sing a new song. APGA is singing a new song.

‘We want to appeal to you to please join APGA. We are building a bridge now that will run from Igbo Land to Nigeria…

‘May the Almighty God bless APGA…’

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