Thursday, 9 April 2015

Article: Celebrating A Crime Hero

President Jonathan

 By Abdullahi Danladi

The outcome of the presidential election of 28th March, 2015 has put to rest the tenure of Good luck Jonathan’s administration. The five or six years of Jonathan’s government has been characterized by bloodshed, corruption and total disdain to the ethics of good governance.

Never in the history of Nigeria as a nation has so much revenue been generated, yet little has been done to improve the welfare of the governed. What was witnessed rather was the outright and barefaced corruption and prowling of public funds under the watchful eyes of Mr. Jonathan who claimed not to know the difference between stealing and corruption.

Ask the people of Northern Nigeria, particularly those from the North Eastern states and they will narrate their tribulation in the hands of Jonathan. Thousands of lives have been slayed with millions of people becoming displaced in their country with some having to resort to neighboring countries of Niger, Chad and Cameroon as refugees. What sin have these people committed to be subjected to these heinous crimes? The answer is simple but not very obvious to many. There are oil deposits in the areas that comprise of Borno, Yobe and parts of Adamawa and Gombe states and the distant bosses of Mr. Jonathan want to have the black gold for their selfish interests. Instead of coming to negotiate and trade on the oil commodity, Jonathan and his wicked masters decided to use Islam as a tool to achieve their criminal schema of illegally exploring the hitherto untapped oil reserves. Thus the creation of Boko Haram who were armed to unleash horror and terror on the residents of the area by the same government that is supposed to protect their lives and properties.

This write up is not intended to recap the unfortunate events of Jonathan’s misadministration because we are all living witnesses to what has transpired. It is however surprising to hear some people fawning Jonathan for accepting the much deserved and earned defeat in the hands of Buhari. How can we hero worship villains that have their hands soiled with the blood of the innocents. How many lives have been lost under Jonathan’s administration? How many families have ben annihilated? How many a children have been rendered orphans and women rendered widows? Can one easily forget the unfortunate incidence of Chibok girls? Where are these innocent girls? What are the moods of their parents and relatives towards their missing ones? The Kano central mosque massacre where about one thousand lives were lost is still fresh in our memoirs. The injured are still receiving treatments and languishing in pains and grief. How can all these people live to hear the architect of their bad luck being celebrated as a hero?

The Zaria killings of 25th July, 2014 by the Nigerian Army under the command of murderer lieutenant Colonel S.O. Oku are still fresh in our minds. In the case of other atrocities perpetrated under Jonathan’s regime, the killers have disguised as Boko Haram. However, the massacre in Zaria where thirty four innocent and armless members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, three of whom are the sons of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky were cold bloodedly murdered in broad day light by the Nigerian Army could by no means be camouflaged as Boko Haram affair. Despite a kangaroo board of inquiry set up to investigate the Zaria crime, the Nigerian Army has kept a sealed mouth on the results of their findings. Can the revered Sheikh and his family and the families of others killed ever consider Jonathan a hero?

To all followers of political events in Nigeria, it is no secret that all frantic and desperate efforts were made by Jonathan and his surrogates to scuttle the just concluded presidential election. He only accepted defeat when it became obvious that he has gallantly lost the election. So what credit has Jonathan achieved to be celebrated as hero? Is it because he and his cohorts have looted the Nigerian treasury or is it because he has succeeded in killing and shedding the blood of innocent Nigerians? It is true that Nigeria could have been in a state of chaos had he insisted on maneuvering the presidential election. How many prayers have been said and offered for divine intervention against the evil plots of Jonathan? Surely it is Allah who has answered the people’s prayer.

 It has been typical of Nigeria that heroes are made destroyed overnight. However it is dangerous and unethical to set a bad precedence of celebrating and honoring criminals. What is expected of the incoming government is a through and objective investigation of all the immediate and remote causes of the killings under Jonathan’s administration and the criminals brought to justice. The shed blood of the innocents will surely cover the name of Mr. Jonathan being engraved in the wall of Nigerian history.. 

(Danladi Is the coordinator of Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria he writes from Zaria Kaduna state.)

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  1. Without finishing your garbage write-up, Danladi should ask his Northern Elites (Fulanis) what they did with the resources they stole from the Niger Delta area of the country since they have been in charge, from the 60ies to Yara Duah. Your Northern Thieves ruled for so many decades, yet poverty and illiteracy are the bane of the North.

    Mrs. Yara Duah took us to the cleaners. Abacha nko? Obasanjo was President and Petroleum Minister at the same time, haba. What did you say about these thieves? We are coming close to another putsch in Nigeria if care is not taken. My friend, Nigerians will tell you, "SHARRAP".


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