Monday, 11 May 2015

Open Letter: Response To Kenneth Uwadi’s Blackmailing Petition Against Rt.Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu


Gen. Muhammadu Buhari,
President-elect, Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Government Reserved Area (GRA)
Off Daura-kwangolam Road
Opposite Daura Shagari Low Cost Housing Estate
Daura, Katsina state

His Excellency,

Re: Nomination Of Rt.Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu As A Nigerian Minister: Response To Kenneth Uwadi’s Blackmailing Petition Against The Imo Speaker
 His Excellency, as we celebrate your election as the president elect of this country, we congratulate you on your emergence as the leader of our great party and nation Nigeria. Our hearts are gladdened by numerous evidence of your integrity, discipline, fairness and high sense of judgment. You have assured Nigerians that your government would work tirelessly to ensure the necessary change which will give birth to the Nigeria of our dreams. Change constitutes a departure from all those vices that has hitherto shackled our progress as a nation, change translates to a departure from the usual maligning of public characters to feed the hunger for personal and political vendetta.

Network of Imo Youths is a youth organization whose main focus is to maintain integrity and to kick vigorously against vices such as Corruption, blackmail, cultism, drug abuse etc, thus ensuring that this vices are dethroned in the society, we give unalloyed support to all things good and all things necessary to the betterment of our society hence our spirited support and campaign for your election in the entire south-east geo-political Zone.

The Man Kenneth Uwadi:
The Youths for Human Rights Protection and Transparency Initiative (YARPTI) is a front created by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a façade for blackmailing top members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in order to portray them in bad light to the society, demean their achievements and ultimately weaken the party in the state. The management of this group lie in the hands of the author of the ill-conceived letter being reacted to. He is a  well-known blackmailer of top APC members, who has remained at large for over one year due to his inability to substantiate his allegations against  APC chieftains, He is a famous challenger of change whose deep allegiance to the opposition party  and anti- change tendencies has led to destructive criticisms of the bearers of change, He has on numerous occasions maligned the president elect( Gen Muhammadu Buhari) through articles on the  social media as well as other media platforms, evidence of which shall be attached to this letter.   

On His Allegations:
1.On the allegation of corruption against Rt. Hon. Benjamin uwajumogu: In as much as the law is straight on matters of indictment and allegations, the question to be asked is this; does the fact that it has been alleged make it true? allegations remain speculations until substantiated with adequate proof since it is common knowledge that even demented persons can allege all sorts of things against people(just like Kenneth uwadi alleged all sorts of things against the president elect on his Facebook wall and other media platforms),the Network of Imo youths and in fact Imolites are not aware of  any allegation or indictment against the honourable  speaker by any visible group, persons, EFCC or any other anti-corruption agency. There is in fact no prouncement of any court of competent jurisdiction on this issue. The law is trite that He who asserts must prove as assumptions have been declared the lowest level of knowledge, We therefore require the strictest proof from the proponents of this heresy.

2 On the allegation of corrupt acquisition of properties against the speaker: The truth of this allegation is completely negated and destroyed by the current realities under the Imo Rescue Mission Agenda, the Imo house of Assembly under the leadership or Rt. Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu have had to sacrifice some of its entitlements towards the achievement of free education in the state thereby sacrificing personal enrichment for the collective good and development of the state. Sadly this is another case of unsubstantiated allegation as this bogus claims can never be achieved in the present arrangement. We live in Imo and we know what is obtainable in our state.

3.On the allegation  of involvement in ritual practice: The Network of Imo youths sees this allegation as an evidence of desperation and as an insult to the person of the president elect, who in our view is so obviously above this attempt to engage his person in a tale by moonlight, we are however not surprised by this turn of events because Kenneth uwadi has always exhibited a total disregard of the person of the president elect, choosing instead to insult him on social media and other media platforms, the Uwajumogu we know as a member of the board of trustees of Saviors Evangelical ministries, a practicing Christian who has always commenced every sitting of the legislative house with prayers as can be attested to by the members and workers in the  House of Assembly, cannot be involved in ritual practice.

4 On the allegation of killings: the police are empowered to investigate any allegation of crime made to them irrespective of who the perpetrator is, it is there constitutional duty. However in the exercise of this duty, the police are mindful of the existence of persons who would want to use the law to achieve selfish gains thus investigations are conducted with respect to the occurrence of real events which constitute offences and not fabricated tales of woe, aimed at destroying the character of a man of integrity. It is common knowledge that pastor Emmanuel Adoba was allegedly killed by his kinsman over a land dispute case and that the police arrested the culprit who confessed to the crime stating his reasons for the murder and the speaker’s name was not mentioned in any way, while Hon kingsley Nkemka was murdered in his local Government during his bid to run for the house of representatives and his death was in no way linked to the speaker who gave him every support to run for the position, these are the only aides of the speaker who were assassinated, and the inclusion of one Mr.Chidi only validates our assertion that these are mere allegations lacking in truth and merit as there is no record of any Mr. Chidi who was assassinated in the Speakers office. We submit that the honourable speaker is not responsible for the lives of his aides as he is not God Almighty and should therefore not be framed for their death.

5 On the alleged,  human right violation: This allegation lends credence to our assertion that everything that has been asserted by Kenneth uwadi are nothing but fabrications aimed at tarnishing the image of the speaker. This allegation can be discarded with the answer to a fundamental question which is; does any individual possess the power to order the arrest and detainment of another, such person not being of the police force, the answer to this question is in the negative for to answer otherwise would mean a negation of the very spirit and letters of the police Act, furthermore, to contend that an individual no matter how highly placed has the capacity to do this is to exhibit a blatant ignorance of the process of criminal litigation .How can the speaker be blamed for the arrest of a man in whose compound cultists have their gathering and in whose compound a man was murdered in cold blood, in whose bedroom the blood of the deceased person was found and who was alleged to be a member of a secret court. In the light of the evidence against him, how can one deem his arrest a violation of human right and why will the police need any external authorization to arrest such a man. It is noteworthy that the speaker has never been linked with violence of any kind.

A careful consideration of the letter under consideration will reveal that the assertions therein belong to just one man, one man who has shown imolites time without number that his words are not to be believed. There is no doubt in our minds that this is an attempt to ensure that the only APC nominee from the youth constituency, for the position of minister does not succeed. It has been said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing thus we cannot fold our hands and watch the only credible nominee who is youth conscious, and who has been tested, tried and trusted be maligned in this manner, hence this letter.

We also use this medium to urge His Excellency, Gen-Muhammadu Buhari to discountenance the letter titled “Nomination of Mr  Benjamin Uwajumogu as a Nigerian minister” and any other fabrication against the honourable speaker that may be concocted by Mr. Kenneth Uwadi under any guise whatsoever and to appoint change and progress by appointing Rt.Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu.

Long Live The President Elect Of Nigeria!!! Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria!!! Long Live The All Progressive Congress!!!


Comrade Amaefula Amadi                                                                                   
National Coordinator                                               
(NetworkofImoYouths @, 09050132315)

Ijeoma Nzeobi

Cc APC National Chairman
Cc Transparency International
Cc Civil Liberty Organization

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