Sunday, 30 August 2015

Open Letter: Work Place Discrimination

Mr. Stan Baran,
Manager And Head
Avionics System Engineering
FRCSE, US Naval Air force
US Department of Navy
Jacksonville Florida
United States

Work Place Discrimination

Dear Mr Baran,

You are the executive manager and head of department of Avionics System Engineering in the US Naval Air System Command, Fleet Readiness Center Southeast in the United States Department of Navy Jacksonville Florida.

Naturalized United States Citizens engineers in our department feel very disappointed working in your department; Avionics System Engineering in Engineering and Logistics faculty at Celci Field in Jacksonville Florida. You and your supervisors, especially Mr. West Wilson, Electronic Warfare department are very mean to the above mentioned employees. They are  subjected to a work environment based on race, color and nationality.

Engineers from various countries left their fatherland and migrated to the United States of America. Their aims and objectives are to contribute their quota to the United States Government; her education, economy and productivity. We should learn to treat them well.

We should also change our orientation about these engineers.

Mr. Baran, Many naturalized US citizens working in your department are being mistreated and always get fired for no reasons other than race, color, nationality
These naturalized US citizens engineers are mentally mature, educated and exposed to the labor and employment laws.  Nobody, including President Obama and the national congress have any rights to mistreat them.  People we are born equal in the view of international laws and the United States constitution. That’s why there are US Equal Employment opportunity Commission, EEOC, U.S Department of Justice, US Department of Civil Right Commission, Merit System Protection Board, MSPB and Office of Special Counsel. OSC .We have to follow the roles of employment laws when it comes to taking disciplinary actions against these workers.

Every employee should enjoy equal employment rights and opportunities, irrespective of race, color and nationality. Naturalized citizens engineers of the Fleet Readiness Center Southeast in the US Navy Jacksonville, Florida should never give up; rather they should keep on fighting discrimination. 

Mr. Baran, please kindly re-instate all dismissed naturalized citizens employees in the last 10 years.

Thank you for your time.

Very Respectfully,

Engr. Ifeanyi C. Ibeh, BSc, CNA MSc.
US Naval Air force
US Department of Navy
Jacksonville Florida

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