Thursday, 24 September 2015

News Release: Warning From Afenifere On Chief Falae’s Abduction


Afenifere is compelled to issue this strong warning on the abduction of one of our leaders, Chief Olu Falae by Fulani herdsmen for over 24 hours now.

Chief Falae has had running battles with the Fulani cattle rearers for sometime now as they continued to devastate his farmland,a scourge which farmers in Yorubaland has suffered for decades now.

The last devastation of his maize farm recently was unbearable and he took it upon himself to pursue remedy until they paid compensation.

His abduction by Fulanimen on his birthday is largely perceived as a terror revenge by the Fulani herdsmen.

We have in the interest of the stability of the country refrained from making strong statements that could incite our people hoping these criminals would see reason and let him go.

We do not imagine that some Yoruba traders would go and abduct Maitama Sule or Adamu Chiroma in the North and there won't be a festival of blood on the streets within hours.

We therefore call on the leaders of the north to reach out to these herdsmen to release Chief Falae immediately.

Nobody can predict the consequences IF anything untoward happening to Chief Falae in the custody of the herdsmen.

We Have Warned!

Yinka Odumakin.
National Publicity Secretary.

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