Sunday, 6 December 2015

Article: Dasuki's Arms Deal And The Pen Of An Uninspiring Spitter


By Femmy Lawson

As the blame game on the arms deal purportedly investigated by a presidential committee continues to trail, it is instructive to note the unbridled manner by which some individuals has set out to misinform the public and further shows how unbiased a medium of information should not be. This is because when a learned person begins to use the language meant for the slum, something is definitely amiss.

Any ardent media follower and such that is not clouted with Lilly blindness called sentiments will know that Sahara reporters has been truly living up to its name.

Sahara is a place devoid of life, dry and life tasking so when one goes by that name, one need not look further than to know that  sahara reporter is but one without life, dry, uninspiring and given to tainting the truth.

What name won't a dog be called just to hang it? That a few individuals are bent on continually destroying Chief Olabode George does not mean facts should be distorted. How dare Sahara reporter,s refer to Chief Olabode George as an “ex-convict” when in actual fact, it is on record that same man, has been duly discharged and acquitted, by the highest court in our land, the Supreme Court, having no case against him and facing none.

Were Nigeria a country where justice truly reign, especially under the leadership of this perverts that parade as saints, a Sahara reporter that wrote and referred to Chief Bode George an ex convict should be duly tried by a court for distortion of fact and contempt of the court.

If Chief Bode George's name has been mentioned as being purportedly touted by the dry reporter, let it be clearly stated how, when and through whom he collected the purported 100 million naira from, as I challenge same source to publicly admit and say same, to the hearing of Nigerians.

For the records, the so called war on corruption by this current administration has definitely become a way of pronouncing guilt on the opposition elements of which Chief Olabode George is in the front line.
If anyone is still afraid of Chief Bode George, let him find other ways as this attempt will not fly. If you need to blackmail a George, it is definitely not with a 100 million naira deal!

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