Wednesday, 4 February 2015

News Release: Re-PVCs Ready For Collection-INEC: A Celebration Of Monumental Failure

The announcement  on Monday, 2nd day of February, 2015 in Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria, by the Independent National Electoral Commission that it has taken delivery of 68, 833, 476 Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) from its contractors and suppliers is a celebration of monumental failure. Though the announcement is yet to be independently authenticated, what it expressly means is that the total registered voting population for the February Polls, which the Commission said it is 68, 833, 476 have crossed one hurdle by becoming potentially eligible to choose their next President, Governors and Federal and State Lawmakers democratically during the referenced polls having been captured in the INEC’s PVCs data technology. INEC also announced the inclusion of the newly captured or registered voters as well as those affected by the so called “INEC data loss” in its latest PVCs production and delivery.