Sunday, 18 October 2015

Article: Mr President, The Honeymoon is over! Are You The Change We Seek, Or Do We Look for Another?


By Kayode Ajulo

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never is, but always to be blessed:
The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.”
 – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

Nigerians are generally a hardy people- resilient in the face of bleak circumstances. This trait perhaps is the singular reason the nation has survived the tumults of decades past, from independence till date. Our resilience as a people is a child of hope that “springs eternal in our hearts” apologies to British poet Alexander Pope.

News Release: Probing Questions Over The Arrest Of Radio Biafra’s Nnamdi Kanu & Dismissal Of Brig-Gen Ransome- Kuti

Radio Biafra’s Nnamdi Kanu

The arrest and custodial detention on Saturday (17th October 2015) by the DSS (Nigeria’s secret police), of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu of a self-determination group-called the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and director of the UK based Radio Biafra is unreservedly questionable and condemnable. Mr. Nnamdi Kanu was on in the country in exercise of his citizenship and statehood provided in the 1999 Constitution;  having been born and bred in Igbo ethnic nationality of Nigeria. He was arrested hours after he landed in the country from his UK base. His arrest has since been confirmed by his associates in UK and published on their website. Till this moment, the Federal Government and its Presidency has kept moot over his arrest and custodial detention; in reminiscence of State terror and brigandage during the dark military era.

Speech: “We Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants”

Chude Jideonwo

(Being Speech by Chude Jideonwo, CEO Of RED Media Celebrating Media Legends At The Red Summit Gala)

Article: In Defence Of Allah, Iran And Pilgrims

By Ibrahim Usman

On September 11, 2015, the fourteenth-year anniversary of the U.S. twin-tower attack, a crane on the loose belonging to the Bin Laden family (family of the suspected twin-tower master-mind) construction company handling work at the Haram, went berserk, and like a thunderbolt from hell crushed pilgrims in the precincts of the holy Ka’abah. Over 100 pilgrims lost their lives.