Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Rejoinder: Lies Of The Nigerian Military

By Ibrahim Abubakar Difa

In the first rejoinder, the weakness, hollowness, emptiness and bankruptcy of what I characterized as the “Ambush” or “Assassination” “Theory”, which was expounded by the Nigerian Military to justify its brutal crackdown on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria led by Maulana Sayyid Ibrahim Yaqoub Zakzaky, had been clearly explained. Accordingly, when the “theory” looks stupid and could only be believed by the shallow, blind-hearted and retarded minds, when it woefully failed to convince the general public particularly the objective and the broad-minded, when it was unsuccessful in generating the desired result of appealing to public sentiments, when it flopped in deceiving, misleading and manipulating the peoples emotion; the Military was, in this circumstance, tremendously compelled to come-up with another “logic” in its desperate attempt at providing a cover to its criminality. The new “logic” is what I referred to as the “Road Block Theory”. In this “theory”, the spokesman of the Nigerian Army, a certain Colonel Sani Kuka Sheka, accused the Islamic Movement in Nigeria of “Road Blockage”. The Officer, as could be inferred from his press statement, which was broadcast by the BBC Hausa Service, was not only particular about the alleged obstruction of the COAS’s convoy, but a general “Road Blockage” whenever the Movement conducts an activity. This, as could be deduced from the statement, causes a lot of inconveniences to the people in Zaria, adding, inferably that the rights of members of the Movement to religious and social activities, does not nullify the rights of other citizens to free movement.

News Release: Hausa-Fulani Soldiers On Rampage Against Igbo & South-south Xmas Returnees Using Pro Biafran Peaceful Protests As Cover

Carefully planned war-like events going on at the Onitsha Niger Bridgehead have clearly revealed that the Hausa-Fulani segment of the Nigerian Army have declared a Second Civil War against the Igbo Ethnic Nationality of Nigeria and their South-south counterparts; particularly millions of Xmas returnees. Their sacred rights to ancestral homeland and ethnic identity are under intense threat. It is historically unheard of that a people of innocent background and character, returning to their ancestral homes for special seasonal feast like Xmas; are blocked and made to suffer and suffocate few miles to their ancestral homes. In the instant case, new born children and their nursing mothers as well as elderly people and children, etc are made to undergo excruciating pains and hardships with many sleeping inside their vehicles and by bush sides. Perishable food and domestic items worth millions of naira are also lost.