Monday, 11 January 2016

Poem: Sister Sarah Baartman

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

By Chidi Anthony Opara

With the endowment
Of African womanhood,
Sister Sarah Baartman
Endured childhood vicissitudes.
She found love,
But her love was murdered by racism.

Wrote an agreement she could not read
And forced her thumbprint thereon,
And shipped her
To the circuses of Europe.

Drenched African womanhood
In the debased circuses of Europe,
Racism baptized Sister Sarah Baartman
“The hottentot Venus”.

Death brought no rest,
Hacked her dead body
And displayed her body parts
In a museum
In the land of Napoleon.

Rest now
Sister Sarah Baartman.
Rest now
That you have been buried
In the land of your birth.
Rest now
Sister Sarah Baartman.

(Poem Presented as social service, all rights reserved)

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