Wednesday, 27 April 2016

News Release: Fulani Herdsmen Killings In Enugu; Crossing The Line Of No Return

On Monday April 25th 2016, the NAL Council offices in Washington received a report of horrific proportions, pursuant to the latest atrocious act of a band of Fulani herdsmen, who had just engaged in an unprovoked and unjustifiable lethal attack, and massacre of innocent citizens of Ukpabi Nimbo community in Uzo-Uwani council of Enugu State

While the exact number of fatalities is still been tallied at press time, the number of deceased persons may ultimately be close to 100 persons or more.

This attack was carried on via the use of assault weapons, including AK47 rifles, which has become the weapon of choice for the Fulani herdsmen militia.  This Council also notes that this attack is closely following a similar attack in Agatu Benue State, where the death toll is yet to be fully tallied.

This Council hereby condemns this horrific and unprovoked attack in the strongest terms.  This Council also notes the tacit silence of the federal government of Nigeria in this matter, and the ominous peril that the silence portends for the entire Republic of Nigeria. 

We will be unequivocal in stating that the Fulani herdsmen may have crossed a line of no return in this matter; indeed a Rubicon that might be difficult, if not impossible to reset by the authorities in Nigeria. 

A series of very vital trust, between communities in Nigeria have been breached by these dastardly actions, starting from Plateau State, and working its way southward to Benue, and Enugu, and Delta states, and including the murder of a monarch in Delta state. 

It is clear to us that if this matter is not addressed in the strongest and most aggressive manner immediately, that the same herdsmen will repeat this horrific act in the remaining southern states of Nigeria.  It is matter of when. 

It is not rocket science for us to see where this bloodletting is headed-a full inter-community war in Nigeria in the near future, which may make the Boko Haram insurrection look like child’s-play.  The hate and strife existing in Nigeria now, makes it fairly obvious, that Nigeria may not survive a second civil war.

Therefore, at this time, we call and expect Nigeria’s federal authorities to embark on the following actions:
  1. A very aggressive investigation, to unearth the culprits of this heinous crime, and bring them to book immediately.
  2. A complete disarming of all herdsmen in Nigeria, and severe sanctions where persons refuse to disarm.
  3. An aggressive investigation of the purveyors of assault weapons, which are ultimately used to commit atrocious organized massacres of Nigerian citizens, by citizen militias in Nigeria.
  4. Any other actions the federal government, security or law enforcement authorities deem necessary, pursuant to their intelligence or findings on the ground in Nigeria.
Actions that fall below the above threshold will signal encouragement for citizen militias across Nigeria; this will surely make the Republic of Nigeria ungovernable in the near-term.  We can assure the current government that this matter could eclipse Boko Haram, and will gradually begin the process of the dissolution of the federal Republic of Nigeria as we know it today.

The world is watching.

C. Goldie,
Media Relations                                                                                                                                        
NAL Council Washington, DC (Nigerian-American Leadership Council) Web:                                   
Tel: 202 379-2848, Ext. 101

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