Tuesday, 21 June 2016

News Release: Nigeria National Day of Prayer

World Pastors’ Forum Commission Outreach Ministries in Lagos has declared the 9th of September of every year as Nigeria National Day of Prayer.
A nationwide prayer day for all Nigerians to pray for Nigeria as a nation, Mr. President, Government at all levels, Nigerian Families, Troubled Homes, Nigerian Workers at all levels, Nigerian Students, Nigerian Children, Nigerian Security Agencies, Nigerian Travellers, Legitimate Businesses and Companies in Nigeria, Religious Leaders, The Unsaved, Pregnant Women, Expectant Mothers, Hospital Patients, and the needs of all Nigerians as the sheep of His pasture (Ps.100:3). We are to likewise ask God to expose all evil doers in our nation; destroy the wickedness of the wicked and cause His blood and mercy to speak for us, putting an end to every storm as we return back to God with a repentant heart. Indeed, watchmen in a nation are intercessors and spiritual combatants raised by God to pray for the nation and to address cases.

According to the President of this outreach ministry based commission, Apostle Sunday Igbalaloju, he said, ‘’It is high time we engage God in business with a serious approach in running the affairs of our nation. Human efforts and wisdom alone can get us nowhere. We need His shower, mercy and forgiveness for intervention. Until a nation is built by God, they labor in vain who build it (Ps.127:1). However, until the date is endorsed by the Federal Government as the National Day of Prayer from our engagement; it is to be observed on that day in our various offices, homes, churches, and wherever for the counsel of God over Nigeria and for Nigerians to be fulfilled. It is our spiritual responsibility alongside with fasting (1Tim.2:1-2) (2Chro.7:14). God’s supernatural hand is still available today for a touch in all situations. Send us your support Seed today!

Apostle Sunday Igbalaloju,
World Pastors’ Forum Commission Outreach Ministries
Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: 08183789313
Website: www.wpfcom.org

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