Saturday, 23 July 2016

Article: Nnamdi Kanu Will Have The Last Laugh


By Tony Kanu

A Prophet Patiently Waiting For His Last Laugh. Next time you see the cheerful man on the picture, simply call him a prophet; Call him the Nostradamus of our time. You know why?

Everything he said on Radio-Biafra, prior to Buhari's current dictatorship, Hausa/Fulani sectionalism, ethnic cleansing by the sponsored Northern incendiary against others, attempts at seizure of Southern lands & Nigeria's Islamisation, are what Nigeria is dealing with today. Ardent listeners of Radio-Biafra will attest to this.

Nnamdi Kanu shouted, he called names, he passionately warned everyone who cared to listen, he reminded us about the antecedents of his detractors and he brought facts to the table; But all he got for trying to open the eyes of some gullible and ignorant Nigerians and Southerners especially, were wrong tags merely because of his derogatory demeanor.

Some of us that also saw the same handwriting on the wall objectively sieved-off Nnamdi Kanu's uncensored choice of words on air and took the TRUTH embedded in his worthy outrage.

Today in Nigeria, where are we as Christians and Southerners? Where are we as a people?

Today, under a dictator who is a core Northern ethnoreligious diehard & segregationist, what is happening in Nigeria?

Aren't we witnessing unabated bloodshed by the North and the government is literally QUIET?

Aren't we seeing moves being made to take over Southern lands via grazing bills?

Aren't we seeing cows in Nigeria being given special military protection while humans in the same Nigeria are left at the mercy of Fulani killers, rapists & Boko Haram members parading as "herdsmen"?

Aren't we somewhat envisaging Islamization of Nigeria because of recent happenings?

Aren't we seeing Christians beheaded or cudgelled to death for being "Christians" and the Buhari-led government keeps mute like nothing happened?

Aren't we seeing Christians being chased off Churches on Fridays because some Northern Islamic extremists brandishing weapons claimed Friday is their "holy day", therefore Christians (referred to as infidels) have no right to disturb them with the "noise" coming from a Church? It happened in Abuja on July 15, 2016.

An innocent Nnamdi Kanu who doesn't kill or carry arms is still in Buhari's lock-up; But have anyone heard that another set of Boko Haram beheaders, rapists, arsonists, Islamic savages and confirmed terrorists were just released as those given "amnesty" by this regime? By implication, some of the most dreaded 'animals' ready to devour anything on their way, are back within the helpless & vulnerable Nigerian populace.

Do i need to outline more to buttress what Nnamdi Kanu foresaw and, he literally & figuratively told Southerners & Christians to beware of? But the 'blind Southerners' he was fighting for were just too unrealistic to accept the TRUTH.

Who are the ones crying today? The same lot that rejected the same TRUTH that came from a sincere heart who wants freedom, peace & sanity for his people.

Love him or hate him, despise or admire him, wish him to remain in Buhari's 'gallows' or not, FACT remains that he has been vindicated by EVERYTHING happening in Nigeria today.

The prayers of those who love justice are with him to keep staying strong because freedom and victory are assured whether his enemies want it or not.

Buhari can deny Nnamdi Kanu freedom as long as he wants but the young man will keep smiling because "Buhari is not God" and is subject to supreme will of the Supreme Being.

Someday this will be a story, and Nnamdi Kanu will be the one having the last laugh & DEFINITELY the best laugh."

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