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News Release: Secrets Of Proper Treatment In The Service Center

As you know, the sipliest is some device, less often it brokes. And any gadget is something very complicated and fragile technically. Fortunately, there is a guarantee, but the average user changes old to a new device earlier than this guarantee ends. So if you belong to those lucky people who have until now there was no need to call for the  repair, you might think naively, that if anything happen, you just come to the service center with a defective device, and it immediately becomes serviceable. Ideally, theis is the way it should be, but unfortunately, in practice it often happens otherwise. There are many "pitfalls" of which we want to warn you.

In What Cases, It Makes Sense To Visigt The Service Center?

"When my device broke," - says an inexperienced user. But the damages may be different. If there is some physical damage - for example, if you dropped the device out of the window, or drown it, it was nibbled by dog it is better to say goodbye to this gadget.

But if the unit is "buggy" for no apparent reason, hunds, or maybe the battery holds only half an hour, or does not turn on any option in the menu (or, for example, the camera does not leave the lens) - you has all chances to repair it for free. Most often, such warranty faults are caused by malfunctions in the software.

Thing you shouldn't do in any case is to open the device. Yes, the problem could be in hardware, but that  you can do in this case, except to see what is inside in device?

How To Prepare For Visit To Service Center?

The first thing you must (of course, if your device still somehow works) is to hold the backup process all the data.
What Should You Say?

So, you are in service center. Showing device to a master, try as clearly as possible describe the problem and the events that preceded it. At the same time to pour technical terms to look the advanced user is not necessary. Some awareness is possible to show, - you will demonstrate that you are not a fool.

What To Do If Your Case Is Not A Guarantee One? 

It's a trouble, of course, but it happens sometimes. In this case, the repair must be paid, but remember that you should be warned and asked for the permission for such repairs! If you came for the phone, and the receptionist says: "Repair was of charge, you need to pay three bags of money", you can safely refuse to pay and start to complain about the imposition of paid services. Usually, however, is you are asked "to repair or not to repair" - better answer "no".Take broken device from service, then to take it to the other, where repair is cheaper.

Here is the list of RepairServices in Nigeria. In general, of course, we wish you to all your equipment working properly and to please you for years to come. And if you are bored of your device - you can sell it on Jiji and buy another one! And you have no need to visit any servoce center!
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