Tuesday, 10 January 2017

News Release: Top 5 Of The Most Expensive And Unordinary Watches Of 2016

Watch has long ceased to be just chronometric instrument, which you can carry everywhere. Today it is an accessory that emphasizes the individuality of the owner, as well as informs others about his/her well-being and social status.

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Artya Coprolite by Arpa
Watch  with advertising slogan: "There is a shit in my watch". The zest of this watch is that its face is made of coprolite - fossilized dinosaur poop. A touching story of life and the fate of the dinosaur from designer Arpa: the reptile lived for about 100 million years on the territory of the current US and ate plants. The straps are made of leather from black American poisonous cane toad - one of the largest frogs in the world.
The cost is very modest - $11,290.
Urwerk 202

Just in case - there are three cubes with four fronts with numbers. Cubes rotate around their axises and along the dial. From each cube, the hand moves out (at each moment only one), which shows the minutes.

Cost - $100,000.

Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack
Classic elegance for a six-figure sum looks very laconic and simple. This is a real toy for the big boys that includes three popular casino games - blackjack, roulette, and dice. Blackjack is hidden under the sapphire crystal on the dial, which shows the small windows in the framework coated with rhodium. Bones are hidden on the side of the body, while the roulette can be found at the bottom of the body. The strap is made of crocodile skin and the body is available in a choice of white or pink gold, black or gray titanium alloy.
The cost is of $200,000.

Bell & Ross - BR 01 red radar
The company Bell & Ross produces watches, the appearance of which resembles a radar of military fighter jet or submarine. External disk displays the hours, in the middle of the disc there are minutes, in the central - seconds. The edition is limited - only 999 copies were emitted.

Manufacture Royale Opera
The watch case is made up of 60 parts and can be unpacked like an accordion. In the unfolded form of the body creates a resonant cavity to enhance the sound of the repeater. On the dial of the watch, there are the hour and minute hands made of gold. All this beauty is protected by the glass made of sapphire. Alligator strap fitted with a buckle in 18-carat pink and gray gold. Limited edition - exist only 12 copies.
Cost - $1 200 000.

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