Saturday, 14 January 2017

Special Report: "Omoyele Sowore Threatened My Life And Demanded N100m Bribe From Me"

Omoyele Sowore 

(Being Statement By A UK Based Nigerian Journalist,  Lekan Fatodu)

I'm dropping this quick note because Sowore violated the idea of reconciliation suggested to the Police by his team of lawyers and supporters led by the elder statesman, Dr. Tunji Abayomi on Thursday. Sowore was at the Panti Police station with about 15 lawyers . I didn't go with any because I didn't need to. I know my case against him is incontrovertible!

It's however surprising that one of Sowore's lawyers who was part of the agreement for reconciliation has come out to spew lies and try to twist the story against the Police. But it won't work because everyone is aware of Sowore's shady operations.

Sowore is understandably rattled and bitter that Lekan Fatodu is the FIRST person to ever confront him for his characteristic threat to people's life, blackmail and extortionism.

I had petitioned the police on a threat to my life and career, criminal defamation and blackmail by Sowore. And that's  contrary to the lies that Sowore has been spreading about an attempt on his life. I will share the true story of the event of Sowore's arrest with video evidence  in due time. And I bet that the world will be shocked to see what really happened on that day.

I knew that Sowore's idea of reconciliation was to "buy" enough time to cook up some lies to change the narrative on his criminality. Hence, I agreed to it only to give him the benefit of doubt. But he has since been using proxies to write different articles in his favour and also fabricating lies that some people in power are behind me. They've been churning out many lies but I am not bothered in the least.

I'm glad myself and Sowore are presently in Nigeria and the court shall verify the text messages, emails and Whatsapp messages that we exchanged when he, using different insidious means, demanded 100 million naira bribe from me out of a fictitious 500 million that he claimed he heard that I got out of a strange 1.7b naira from the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA). And I will include other strong evidences of his attempt on my life particularly on the day he was arrested.

Sowore, I'm sure you can't deny the attached Text Message!

Once again, I am proud of the excellent job I did for the ONSA and for which I was paid 12 million náírà.  Meanwhile, the Presidency under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari has already validated the work my company, Leeman Communication in different national dailies. And I won't stop seeking government's contract where my expertise is required. It's my legal right as a Nigeria!

Of course, Sowore is ashamed and sad that his wicked plot against me didn't work.

And for violating his own idea of reconciliation, I SHALL BE DRAGGING SOWORE TO COURT.

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