Sunday, 19 February 2017

Special Report: Justice For Ebere Ohakwe

"On this day 15th Feb 2017 I write to thank the Nigerian Army for wanting to take my life and above all lying against me also,just yesterday I came across a publication that says  the NA  summoned the soldier who brutalized me on the 30th of Jan 2017,that he is being interrogated and they are looking at for me hmmm...This got me confused because I have been in the hospital since 1st of Feb 2017 after I left pH to onitsha here and nobody cared to even ask how I was doing only for me to read that. Now my question to Nigerian army is this 'what are you up to' asin why the lies?

Ok on the other hand when I was discharged from the hospital on Thursday lastwk I got information that the so called soldier was going to face trial I decided to go to pH to see things myself because he was not alone in that act was wondering how come only him and why the trial even without my own statement being given I asked myself so many questions before I decided to take the risk of going pH even in my pains fellow Nigerians you guys might be surprised to hear my findings

I saw this soldier in his uniform and on duty looking sooo fresh than before I wept inside of me I was weak and couldn't help but cry I demanded to see the GOC after they took me to his office he worsen my mood by reminding me of how he specifically asked me not to involve a lawyer in this case he then said I should go ahead and do whatever I want to do but as for them that the best thing is to dismiss the soldier then I can go ahead to  fight or sue him hmmm.....I looked at the man very well in my mind I was asking if I have met this commander Udoh before now I was asking myself in confusion if he actually sent olamilekan and his group to murder me.

My 2nd question is why lying to the public about looking out for me when you are this mean and inhuman to me but the only thing I will tell the Nigerian Army is that my life has never been  the same since this whole thing started people are looking at just the external injuries forgetting that I am a woman a fragile being for that matter now the doctors are mentioning cases I haven't heard before on my matter,I fear I really fear for my life.

I don't want to talk about the cash I have spent on myself in the hospital for 2wks now I don't use my bathing soap anymore and no cream according to the doctors Thank God for my life atleast

To the public whoever told you the Army is taking this matter seriously is a liar please don't believe that they are simply fighting the victim which is me Miss Ebere Ohakwe.

Nigeria we hail thee...

Thank you".

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