Monday, 17 April 2017

News Release: Continued Vilification Of Goodluck Jonathan Over The Malabu/OPL 245, Harmful To The ND Peace Process


It was okay for General Ibrahim Babangida to award prolific oil blocks to the Indimis and Mai Deribes. It was also okay for Abacha to reward the likes of General TY Danjuma and Fashion designer Alakija but it was not okay for President Goodluck Jonathan's government to settle the Malabu/OPL 245 matter that had been lingering in the courts for over 20 years and for which tons of dollars have been spent on litigation and related bric brats!

It is unfortunate that President Jonathan who has so committed himself to the pursuit of peace across the Nigerian state and in the much plundered and raped Niger Delta would be subjected to such underhand methods aimed at denigrating and disparaging his many legacies for Nigeria.

In spite of our disagreements with former President Jonathan, it behoves us to always do what is eternally right for our region and our people.

The recent attempt by one Mr. Razak Atunwa, a serving member of the House of Representatives, a former member of the Kwara State House of Assembly and a confirmed Saraki lackey to summon Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR, former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria smacks of great disrespect and an affront to the tenets of democratic leadership.

An opportunity to serve as a member of the Federal House of Representatives should not be mistaken for an opportunity to exude overzealous cantankerousness, deliberate mischief and blunt ignorance.

We will continue to watch the unfolding process. We believe the right thing will be done when key agitating units within the Niger Delta come to an agreement on what needs to be done.

There is a limit to which a people can be pushed to the wall. A word has always been enough for the wise.

Cynthia Whyte
Joint Revolutionary Council

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