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News Release :Top Four Best Budget Camcorders Of 2017: Honest Pros & Cons!

Camcorder is a full-pledged hybrid of a camera and a video player. The camcorder does not only record video but also transmits the signal to a TV or a projector.

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Canon Legria HF R706
Price: $300
It features a responsive touch screen, the device lies in your hand conveniently, but the position of the zoom lever is slightly uncomfortable. There are 38 automatic modes for different types of shooting. The camcorder is very compact, has a convenient menu and excellent shooting quality.

excellent sound quality;
image quality;
good stabilizer;

Fastening of the battery;
Quality of shooting in low light conditions.

Sony HDR-CX405B
Price: from $240
With its impressive 30x optical zoom and up to 350x digital zoom you can expect amazing results! The video resolution is FullHD, the image is clear, the picture is saturated. The camera has slots for Memory Stick Micro and Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC. You can quickly switch the recording from one card to another. The battery lasts for 1.5 hours of recording.

2 slots for memory cards;
small weight;
wide-angle lens;
ease of use.

joystick control;
there is no possibility to connect an external microphone.

JVC Everio GZ-R415
Price: from $300
This water- and shockproof video camera with dust protection features 40x optical zoom, nice design and lots of useful functions. The device is equipped with Konica Minolta quality lenses and branded JVC system reducing the noise during a strong wind. The menu is convenient with a lot of pre-installed scenes. The battery allows you to shoot continuously for 5 hours.

water resistance;
long-life battery;
konica Minolta lens.

none discovered!

Panasonic HC-VX980EG-K
Price: from $600
The camcorder can shoot with 4K resolution while you can switch the mode from UltraHD to FullHD at any time. It also features convenient rotary display and excellent color rendition. As a result, the image is simply stunning.

The camera is also equipped with an interesting technology from Panasonic allowing you to shoot from one more device (i.e., from a smartphone) and transfer the image to the camcorder.
shooting in UltraHD resolution;
bright display;
convenient menu;
leica lens.

small zoom;
high price.

All the cameras in this review are able to shoot in full HD resolution 1080p, except for Panasonic HC-VX980EG-K. If you need longer battery life you should pay attention to the JVC Everio GZ-R415 model.

All the other cameras are intended for undemanding users who need a device that works decently after just being turned on!

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