Saturday, 6 May 2017

Article: Imo State And 5 Million "Mumus"

Governor Okorocha of Imo State 

By Kenneth Uwadi

For the Sumerians the word “Mumu’’ means creative reason, in other words, that which creates all things. The Babylonian priests see the god Marduk as the creator of the world. Marduk was identified with the word “Mumu’’. The early Greeks of the Milesian school of philosophy said: “the cosmic substance is reason, wisdom and harmony. This corresponds to the qualities attributed to the word “Mumu’’ by the much earlier Babylonians. But in Nigeria the word is a slang used to describe a person who acts daft. The musician Lagbaja did a song with the word, a touching and meaningful song. He said our leaders have turned us in this country into 200 million “Mumus’’. He said Nigerians are selling their birthrights for a bowl of soup like Esau, destroying their legacy for small change.

The song 200 million “Mumus’’ connects with events in my state, Imo. The song is laced with penetrating political messages. Since Imo is not up to 200 million persons, If Lagbaja is to sing about Imo , he will be saying 5 million Mumus. We are not Mumus in Imo but our governor thinks we are. In fact Imo has so many of the best brains in Nigeria. Governor Rochas Okorocha sees us as daft that is why there is this cacophonous plot of a "third term’ in office’. Why is he scheming for a third term in office? Is it the phobia or fear of the unknown? Fear of what might befall on him after leaving power? Fear of probe? Phew! I am not against anyone who is qualified from running for any elective post but honestly third term agenda will not sell in Imo.

Who knows the next demeaning name Owelle will give to the entire Imolites if he succeeds in his third term plot. I remember in 2014 when he called the people of Ohaji/Egbema “Ogogoro” drinkers and “Indian hemp” smokers. He called them Ogogoro drinkers because with the help of men like Alex Ogwazua, Kingsley Uju , Rev Emma Ebomuche and Henry Okafor he succeeded in turning the oil producing areas of the state to object of mockery by subjecting them to undue deprivation and marginalization . The names I mentioned above all served as conduit – pipes in the criminal diversion and conversion of the 13% Oil Derivation Funds of the Oil Producing Communities ,the funds of the Imo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission ( ISOPADEC) . They served as the defense for the destruction of all funds meant for the development of the Oil Producing Communities of Imo State and ISOPADEC, assisted Okorocha in diverting N29,620,908,773.96 being 13 percent oil derivation funds for Imo State from June 2011 to December 2016 during their time as ISOPADEC helmsmen .

Imo received from FG as 13% Oil Derivation Funds as follows: June 2011 -December 2011 =N 4,481,947,152.28 , January 2012 –December 2012=N5,326,556,426.15, January 2013 –December 2013=N6,402,605,460.51, January 2014 –December 2014=N6,174,968,483.12, , January 2015 –December 2015=N3,726,575,580.82, January 2016 –December 2016=N3,508,255,671.08 totaling N29,620,908,773.96. Where are the monies? Where is our 29 billion naira? Where is the 40 percent proceeds for the development of the oil areas? Next week I will give you details of funds received for our councils from FG from 2011-2016.

Morally challenged persons like the names I mentioned are those the late legendary Afro-beat maestro Fela Anikulapo Kuti will call ITT ,International Thief, Thief ,VIP ,Vagabonds in Power. If Owelle succeeds in his third term agenda just as he has succeeded in killing Imo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (ISOPADEC), maybe he will call Imolites, “castrated eunuchs”, “ndi n’achi amu n’aka’. But trust Ndimo , they will shun and reject such plans. Imo can never succumb to the whims and threats of power mongers.

Another area giving Ndi-Imo so much concern is the worsening security situation in the State . This is connected to the current alarming rate of kidnapping, and armed robbery in the State. It is embarrassing the way and manner criminals rob banks and houses and abduct Imo citizens. The consequence is that socio-economic activities in Imo are affected negatively, leading to economic hardship for the people. Investors are scared away, while the people feel too insecure to interact and socialize.

We heard again that gunmen on Friday May 5th, 2017 attacked Diamond Bank at Item street, Owerri, the Imo State capital while trying to rob a contractor who drove into the bank to carry out financial transactions. In the process one person died while few others were injured. This is really getting out of hand. It is worrisome the ease with which these criminals are getting away with this heinous and unwholesome act in Imo State. Our streets, homes and offices have become increasingly vulnerable with virtually no where to turn to for help. At the moment we all live like prisoners wherever we are in Imo State. We sleep at night with one eye open and yet we have a governor who is the Chief Security Officer of the State. It is really sad that Imo State has degenerated to this level. It is really sad.

State security falls right on the laps of the governor. One reason of having a government in place is for the provision of security of lives and property of the citizenry. The 1999 constitution in section 14 (2) (b) provides that; “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government”. One of the world’s best known political philosophers of all times Thomas Hobbes also stated that one purpose of government is the maintenance of basic security and public order.

The actions of governor Okorocha make it clear that he is to be blamed 80 percent for the high rate of kidnappings and robbery in Imo State. He has so far sacked 16,000 Imo citizens from jobs. We must blame the government for putting the youths out of jobs. People opt for kidnapping because of two major reasons: greed and lack of employment. What do you expect in a state where the youths are pushed out of jobs? A state where workers are only paid 70 percent of their salaries, a state where the Governor has refused to release money into the system and the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the State are starved of funds. A state where LGA funds are looted,a state of escalating executive lawlessness, a state of disregard for constitutional rights. Government in Imo today is Okorocha only. Imo people are suffocating. The teachers are suffering. The civil servants are suffering. Business men are suffering. Even the traders are suffering. What we have in Imo State is the more you look the less you see.Save us oh God !

 (Uwadi wrote from Mmahu-Egbema , Imo State and can be reached via 08037982714)

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